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Alvadore Field - a work in progress.

October 2007, Thanks Bill!
All Most Down New Table and Matt Ready for the RAIN
Allmost Down
New Table and Matt
Ready for the RAIN

Ootober 10, 2007
Weather Station
Weather Station - Temperature, Rain gauge, wind direction and speed..
Inside the club house
BulletinBoard Freq Pin Rack Storage
Bulletin board
Frequency Pin Rack

October 5, 2007
MoreMatt MatInsuse MattInPilotBox
More Matt intalled
Matt inuse
Mat in Pilot Cage

October 2, 2007
MatCrew MatInstalled NewShed
Matt intallation crew
Matt installed
Frank's new table.

July 25, 2007
Freqpin Keeping It Short
Freq Pin - please do not take it home.
Doug keeping it short and green.

March 30, 2007
West Parking Leveled Parking East
West Parking area leveled.
East Parking area leveled

Gate Hangers No Parking
Gate hangers
Between Airsock pole and Club house

March 16
West Parking Parking East
New Gravel West side.
New Gravel East side.

Feburary 12
Fence repaired Pit Straw
Doug and Bill fence fixers extraordinar! Pit Straw

January 25, 2007
Looking North West
Looking South East
Looking North West . Looking North East

December 2006 wind storm

Fence damage
Our new Metal shed blew into fence, shed was destroyed, fence damaged.

September 29, 2006
Runway Sprinkler NewShed
Green Runway
Sprinkler Storage
New Shed

The Well E-Runway In Runwy Looking East
The Well
Electric Runway
Runway before sprinkler

June 2006, thanks Rodger
Looking North West
Looking South East
Aerial Photo - Looking North West . Aerial Photo - Looking South East

April 25, 2006
Looking West
Looking East
Looking West . Looking East

August 19, 2005
Looking North
Looking North
Looking West
Approaching the parking area.
Looking North

August 20, 2005
In Runwy Looking West Club House Ohter House
In Runwy looking West
Club House
Other House.

August Meeting, 2005
Meeting in Progress
Meeting in progress

September 20, 2005
FieldSign ClubHouseNewPaint Saftey Fence
Field Sign. New Paint Job. Safety Fence.

Wind Sock
Wind Sock.

November 14, 2005
Runway_11-14-05 Runway_11-14-05 Runway_11-14-05 
Filling in nicely, looking good!

Your Pic Your Pic Your Pic
Place holder. Place holder. Place holder.

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