Jeff Engel Report
 September 2008 - Message to Al Barrington

   Hi Al - Hey I was just wanting to let U and the club know that I have been taking care of my father in Bend. So I have been there instead of here.

   Just want everyone to know that I am still one of the members that support or club BY GOING to the meetings. I think its important to be at the meeting.

   On another note I joined the Bend Aeromodlers ( B.A.M.). They have a 650ft asphalt runway with a 100 ft runoff. Nice field...Just watch out for critters if you crash outside the fenced field. Out in the middle of nowhere. (17 mile marker on hwy 20 east of Bend).

   Please pass this on to Pat and the rest of the club. I think I have a pic of the bend field. I will send it if I do.

   Take Care, Jeff

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