Jeff Engel Photo Report
Oakridge Airport - March 28, 2009

Hi Jim,
   I have been really busy and forgot about these pics.
   These are pictures of the Saturday we went up to check out the Oakridge airport for the Flyin.
     Pick and choose and post what you want to put on the website. I thought everyone would like to see where it was going to be. And what it looked like. See Ya,
                  And Happy Easter!!

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OA3-28-09-014setuparea OA3-28-09-001 OA3-28-09-002 OA3-28-09-004
OA3-28-09-005 OA3-28-09-006 OA3-28-09-007 OA3-28-09-008
OA3-28-09-009 OA3-28-09-010 OA3-28-09-012 OA3-28-09-013

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