Labor Day Fun Fly   September 6,  2010    Click on image to ENLARGE

Lots of Flying - good turnout.
We had sun and a 6-9 mph north wind with the temperature making it to the mid 70's. The two raffles (Tool box and Membership) were a success for the club and the two winners.

The pilots have arrived.

Jayne ran the raffles
 and watched the flying
with succe$$!

LDFF_09-06-10_02 LDFF_09-06-10_38
These two won the prizes  and there was food


LDFF_09-06-10_37 LDFF_09-06-10_40 LDFF_09-06-10_41 LDFF_09-06-10_43

LDFF_09-06-10_44 LDFF_09-06-10_43 LDFF_09-06-10_46

LDFF_09-06-10_05 LDFF_09-06-10_42 LDFF_09-06-10_45

LDFF_09-06-10_48 LDFF_09-06-10_49 LDFF_09-06-10_50

The Limbo Diviter
New (The Video by Pat Willis)

New   Pat Willis Videos
Ivan's crash:
Pat's Extra 260 doing the ribbon snag:

Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

The parking lot
LDFF_09-06-10_06 LDFF_09-06-10_07

The pit area

SSPX0742 SSPX0744 SSPX0745

LDFF_09-06-10_09 LDFF_09-06-10_03 LDFF_09-06-10_23

LDFF_09-06-10_32 LDFF_09-06-10_26 LDFF_09-06-10_30 LDFF_09-06-10_31

Pilots and planes

LDFF_09-06-10_08 LDFF_09-06-10_11 LDFF_09-06-10_22 LDFF_09-06-10_24

LDFF_09-06-10_25 LDFF_09-06-10_28 LDFF_09-06-10_29 LDFF_09-06-10_47

Parked airplanes

LDFF_09-06-10_12 LDFF_09-06-10_13 LDFF_09-06-10_14 LDFF_09-06-10_15

LDFF_09-06-10_17 LDFF_09-06-10_18 LDFF_09-06-10_19 LDFF_09-06-10_20

LDFF_09-06-10_21 LDFF_09-06-10_23 LDFF_09-06-10_33 LDFF_09-06-10_34

LDFF_09-06-10_27 LDFF_09-06-10_57

Taxi time

LDFF_09-06-10_52 LDFF_09-06-10_53 LDFF_09-06-10_16

Some flying airplanes

LDFF_09-06-10_27 LDFF_09-06-10_54 LDFF_09-06-10_55 LDFF_09-06-10_56

LDFF_09-06-10_58 LDFF_09-06-10_59 LDFF_09-06-10_60 LDFF_09-06-10_61

LDFF_09-06-10_62 LDFF_09-06-10_63 LDFF_09-06-10_28 LDFF_09-06-10_39

LDFF_09-06-10_64 LDFF_09-06-10_65 LDFF_09-06-10_66 LDFF_09-06-10_67

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