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Good turnout, good food, lots of flying, not much sun.

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AB_05-28-12_3   AB_05-28-12_4   AB_05-28-12_5   AB_05-28-12_6
Photos by Al Barrington

   From my observations, the Memorial Day Fun Fly was a carnival-like atmosphere from beginning to end.  I heard many positive comments and reviews.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time even during the short sprinkle we got early in the day.  It didn't slow down the fun or the action.  Not long after that, the clouds diminished and gave way to sun breaks, calm and 70 degree air.  I even rode a couple nice thermals with the Radian Pro.
   I don't have any exact numbers to report because everything was happening so fast but I do know that we ran out of food within the first hour of the BBQ and had to send for more.  Thanks to Heidi Winklepleck for making both store runs for supplies.  Thanks also to all who contributed to the potluck dish table.  There were many members and family who stepped up and helped to make the Memorial Day Fun Fly a success.
   Ticket sales for the Trump's Hobbies Shopping Spree went well.   Before Jayne Krenz had to leave, she reported selling $95 worth.  Thank you Jayne.  I believe much of that came after Doug McWha threatened her with some competition.
   Pat Willis told me that we should make the Memorial Day Fun Fly a regular annual event.  I agreed and plan to bring it up at the next club meeting.  Maybe next year we can even get it properly budgeted.  The club approved a $100 special expenditure toward the BBQ on which Heidi successfully came in on budget.  The additional store run was covered by donations received in the chow line bucket.  The entertainment was all volunteer improv freestyle aerobatics with a few tense dead-stick moments thrown in for good measure.  The music was a nice touch too.
   I passed out all the membership applications we had on hand and referred many others to our web site for more information.  My impression is that for the club's $100 investment, we gained many-fold in public relations and potential memberships.  Besides, you can't put a price on a good time which was had by all.
Happy landings.
 AL Barrington

DM_05-28-12_1   DM_05-28-12_2   DM_05-28-12_3   DM_05-28-12_4

DM_05-28-12_5   DM_05-28-12_6   DM_05-28-12_7   DM_05-28-12_8
Photos by Doug McWha

05-28-12_01  05-28-12_02  05-28-12_03  05-28-12_04 
05-28-12_05  05-28-12_06  05-28-12_07  05-28-12_08
05-28-12_09  05-28-12_10  05-28-12_11  05-28-12_12
05-28-12_19  05-28-12_16  05-28-12_17  05-28-12_18

05-28-12_20  05-28-12_21
Chris McVey brought a couple helicopters

 05-28-12_23  05-28-12_24
Gave an impressive demonstration

 05-28-12_26  05-28-12_27
And held a clinic

05-28-12_22  05-28-12_25  05-28-12_24  
05-28-12_32  05-28-12_26  05-28-12_27  05-28-12_27

Music also

  05-28-12_25  05-28-12_26 
05-28-12_28  05-28-12_29  05-28-12_30  05-28-12_31  05-28-12_39
05-28-12_32  05-28-12_33  05-28-12_34  05-28-12_35  05-28-12_36
    Photos by Jim Corbett

Great photo!

MW_05-28-12_1   MW_05-28-12_2   MW_05-28-12_4   MW_05-28-12_5
MW_05-28-12_6   MW_05-28-12_7   8MW_05-28-12_1   MW_05-28-12_9
MW_05-28-12_24   MW_05-28-12_11   MW_05-28-12_22   MW_05-28-12_21
MW_05-28-12_14   MW_05-28-12_15   MW_05-28-12_16   MW_05-28-12_23
Music Man / Photographer Mike

MW_05-28-12_12   MW_05-28-12_13   MW_05-28-12_20   MW_05-28-12_19
The Next generation
Photos by Heidi and Mike Winklepleck

   I counted around 1pm that we had 54 (pilots and family) with around 25 to 30 guests popping in throughout the day that didn't know about the event but saw the signs. 

   We went though 40 hamburgers and 48 hotdogs!  The signs definitely worked!  

We flew until 6pm. Mike

Additional Comments

   It was a very successful event, especially since it was the first Memorial Day event we've done in many years.  I believe we should make it an annual event.  The more exposure the better.

Kudos to Mike W. for organizing it and to everyone else for their parts!

Pat Willis

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