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From the Archives

December 2007
Mid December Crowd

October 2007
Just about ready Switch on StickPreFlight
Mandolin & Ral
Just about ready
Switch on
Stick pre-flight

Fly By
Approach Appiocah Touchdown
Fly By
Approach Gear Down
Pre Flare

GiantRider GiantRiderPilot
Latest config of the Giant Rider..
Giant Rider Pilot

August, 2007
Rich GiantRyder Fortallgrass
 Good build Rich! The bigger they are, the higher they fly!  For the tall grass.

July, 2007
“Luke. . . I am your father. . .”   
Dale Williams’ fighter-pilot face shield. Gotta love it!!

May 29, 2007
NoSmoking NoSmoking
Smoking INSIDE vehicles only as of June 1.
Smoking INSIDE vehicles only as of June 1.

March 30, 2007
West Parking Parking East
Start Em Young
Seeing Double

March 6
RalsCubInTheAir JimCs3-wing
Ral's Cub Ready for Maden Flight
Ral's Cub in the air JimC's 3-wing wonder

March 6
Fence Inspector GettingUP
Cloud Pleaser
Fence Inspector

Bug flyin Tree Inspect
Some Kind-ah-BUG
Some Kind-ah-BUG Flyin Tree Inspector

TueCrowd YesItFlew
Tree Sitter Tuesday Crowd Yes It Flew!

March 5
Dougs Red Getting
Busy Flight Line
Doug's red one
Getting Ready

Pelican Flight Check
Twist Overhead
Canard Flight Check
Twist Resting
Overhead Pass

March 4,   Rich, thanks for passing these along.
Black White Show Time The Edge
Rich's March Canard
Black White & Red allover
Show Time
The Edge

Feb 12
BB Trans BigerBird SmallEH
Big Bird Transport. Bigger Bird. Small Elect Heli

Franks YAK2
Skin Hangin GettinUP Stuck
Franks YAK2
Skin Hangin
Gettin it UP Stuck UP in a cloud

Rich's Pelican
Richs Pelican
Pelican Taxing
In the air
Taxing back in

Pic from BIll Hollingsworth Feb 07
Feb 4 07
Photo of the guys at the field on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 4th, 2007

Pics from BIll Hollingsworth Jan 07
1-4-07 1-28-07_2 1-28-07
New Prez, Vice Prez,
and Sec/Treas
Tony and his new Sukhoi
ready for its maiden flight!
John, Erin and Curtis
sharing tech advice