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December 30
AtTheField_12-30-08 YellerProblems PairOfStingers
Yeller Problems
Pair of Stingers

December 9
DougPreFlight JimsF16 WayneStarting
Doug doing the pre flight
Jim's Fun Fly F-16
Wayne Starting

December 5
Doug&OldYeller JimsStinger10e MartyTwisting
Doug & Old Yeller
Jim's Stinger10e
Marty Twisting

Wayne3point Wayne&Doug WinterFlyingRules
Wayne 3-Pointing
Wayne & Doug
New Winter Flying Rules

November 28
AtTheField ReadyLine1 ReadyLine2
The NOON Crowd!
Ready Line. Ken is about ready

ReadyLine3 ReadyLine4 ReadyLine5
They get LARGER
Or smaller

ReadyLine6 ReadyLine7 ReadyLine8
He is about ready
Waiting Waiting ALSO

November 18
FastPass9 SlowPass10 Landing11
Kohi's Jet - Fast pass
Slow Pass Landing.

November 14
AtTheField DuaAce VernIsStarting
Almost NO WIND!
Dual Ace. Vern starting.

FramkIsReady KhoisScreemer MelLikesThisOn Melo120
Frank is ready!
Khoi's SCREEMER! Mel likes this one. May get a REPAINT!

November 13
DougWingingI FullTank VernIsReady
Doug Wining IT!
Full Tank I Presume? Vern is ready.

Wayne's Pair
Waune's Pilot.

November 7
Nice landing Wayne!

November 3
Rich's New Bird
Rich's New Bird
Wing Span 6',   Wing area 6 sq feet
Wing loading 8 oz sqft,
The "Pilot"
Ready to fly weight 42 Oz
Motor thrust about 34 Oz.

October 30
This is the sea plane I have been working on for about a year.
7 ft wing spand powered by 2 saito 50s.   Chick Foster

Rubber Band Power.

October 28
PatYak1   PatYak2
"Always fuel up before you fly..."

October 27




Started with wind - then none
Funtana Pat's Yak
Other side

October 21
Cool with a light breeze.
More air planes than DAD!

October 17




F22 Ready.
F22 Rotate! F22 In the Air. F22 3 point!

October 13
A windless day at the field.

PatSmokin PatWriting PatSmiling
Pat Smokin!
Pat Writing Pat Smiling.

SetTheIdle Started Quiet
Set the idle!
Started.  Quiet Flight. 

October 10
A cool and windy day at the field

September 12 - Old Yeller Returns....



Too much Labor Day Limbo.
Can't keep an Old Dog Down!

August 12 - Two Tuesdays in a row
Aug 12, 2008 Aug 12, 2008 Aug 12, 2008
Aug 12, 2008 Aug 12, 2008 Aug 12, 2008
Aug 12, 2008 Aug 12, 2008 Aug 12, 2008

August 5 - a low wind week day morning - good crowd - good flying
Aug 5, 2008 Aug 5, 2008 Aug 5, 2008 Aug 5, 2008
Aug 5,
Aug 5, 2008 Aug 5, 2008 Aug 5, 2008
Aug 5, 2008 Aug 5, 2008 Aug 5, 2008 Aug 5, 2008

July 18
Dougs F22  
Doug McWha's NEW Raptor F22

June 16
A NO WIND day at the field

June 2
Ford cod1 cod2
Ford ready to fly!
Pat thinking. COD photo More thinking. COD photo

cod3 cod3 cod5
Pat helping. COD photo This one flys. COD photo Team effort. COD photo

John Scott Ford
John getting ready
Scott attaching wing
Ford still waiting to fly!

May 30
Frank Khoi Doug
Frank is ready
Khoi is ready Doug is ready
But nobody is flying?

May 19
MartysHange MikeAndP51 WaynesTraine
Marty's Hanger
Mike and his P51
Wayne's Trainer

May 15



10 MPH Repaired.
Thanks Marty!

May 12


JE Table
JE Table

May 9
T-Tail Bigone Casual
Big One
Casual flying

May 6
After Repair Getting
                        ready I know
After motor repair
Getting  Ready
I know this connects ...

Looks good UpSide RexPat
Looks Good
Up Side - Down Side?
Rex and Pat


Warming the Gasser up
Tail stuck on a cloud

April 11
Crowd Parking
Parking lot only half full

GotAquarter Quarter plus
Got a Quarter?
Quarter plus a tree...

FineTune LStarting RWBBipe
Fine Tune
Larry starting
Red Whit Blue Bipe

Uncle Ready UncleRolling
Uncle Ready
Uncle Rolling

Venus II Venus 40
Venus II
Venus 40.

These two I believe are For Sale
Typhoon Funtana90
Typhoon Electric
Funtana 90.

April 3
CarlH 43Crowd
Carl Hensen Visits
Field seeing action

Another Bottom Topside
Pre-flight top
Pre-flight bottom Ready to go

CleanNClassy CrashWaiting Light
Crash waiting
Light Electrics Resting

                        Talk Doug1 Speer Speed
Training Talk
Yes it still flys
Speer Speed

March 31
March31 BeforeMud ReadyToGo38
Getting some air time
Before Mud
Ready to go

March 7
HeadingIn CommingIn
Heading in
Comming down

AlmostDown TaxingBack
Almost down
Taxing back

TheReadyBunny ReadyToGo
The Ready Bunny
Ready To Go

March 5 - This is COOL!
Night Flight  
Night Flight - Alan Wellentin

March  4, 08 - After the work was done...
DougTangoing Small
                        Helicopter Taking Off
Tango Time
Small Helicopters
Taking Off

Yes_FixedWing Venus
Yes he has a Fixed Wing
Venus Waiting

March 2, 08
BM Bomber1  BM Bomber1 BM Bomber3
Invasion of the BM Bomber

Jan 13, 08
Struts going
                        on    Cub resting 
Preping for an upcoming Big Bird Fly

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