Big Bird Fly-In     July 10,  2010          Click on image to ENLARGE

Birg Bird Fun Fly Report
We only had 18 registered pilots at the event, although we had a lot more spectators than most events I've seen our field host.  I would have liked to have questioned people to find out how they heard about it so I could make sure and do that again next time.  A handful of the pilots were from out of the area.  Spectators as usual were very impressed with the size and performance of the giant scale planes.  The raffle at the end of the day certainly worked out well for some people.  We did the usual one ticket per flight, and yours truly won two gift certificates, which made my $10 landing fee a worthwhile investment!!  The wind picked up pretty substantially by about noon, and by 1 p.m.  Overall a pretty successful event!

Dwayne Graville and Doug McWha photos
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Al Barrington photos

DSCN6557 (2) DSCN6567 (2)
Big Bird pits
Wayne Wahrmund with Don Krenz on the buddy box.

DSCN6559 (2) DSCN6560 (2) DSCN6561 (2)
Big Bird Pilot group
Pit row
Doug McWha getting Ol' Yeller ready to fly.

DSCN6562 (2) DSCN6564 (2) DSCN6566 (2)
Frank Blain giving the pilot briefing.
Frank Blain with his Obsession 3D
Pat Willis up to his usual tricks.

DSCN6570 (2) DSCN6578 (2) DSCN6581 (2)
Dwayne Graville with his plane.
Take off, Smoke On!
Jayne Krenz on the grill.

DSCN6555 (2) DSCN6556 (2) DSCN6565 (2)

DSCN6568 (2) DSCN6572 (2) DSCN6573 (2)
Frank in control
Khoi Tran hand starting
Flight line

DSCN6574 (2) DSCN6580 (2) DSCN6582 (2)
Marty Wittman's Ag-Wagon
Frank with Marty assisting
New members Jayne & Don Krenz helping AL with cooking.

DSCN6579 (2) DSCN6577 (2) DSCN6575 (2)

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