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Plane covers
I have a deal on 100cc size plane covers, (protects canopies, covering, etc. from sun damage) for about $64 each if anyone wants to place an order for one.  They'll be ordered through Aztech in Washington, but I don't know if he's actually going to put them on his site or if he's just doing it for the local IMAC folks.  He only goes for the quality stuff, and this is quite a bit less expensive than I've seen from other vendors.

Patrick Willis



Topflight B-25 1/9 scale
Never been flown.  About 65% built project

Asking $550.00

Simulator that you plug and play on you lap top,
from Tower Hobbies with the B-25 expanion pack.
Has about 2 hours on the controller and
comes with all the drivers for the download.

Asking $200.00

Contact Scot at 541-954-9434

Giant rider plane

13 Foot wingspan

5 HP engine
Aluminum construction
Easy to fly.


Rich Richardson


Blackjack 55

This is a Gas boat that is 61" overall length and 17" wide has a upgraded Zenoh 26 engine instead of the 23 custom tuned pipe
Spectrum DX 3.0 Radio and reciever
New in the box hatch that has never been on the boat many extra parts for this boat ( water pumps, gaskets, ect.) boat is in great condition it does have a repair on the front.

Troy Ph# 541-554-8851 if no answer please leave a message and I will call you back




Thunder Cat 31

36" overall length 11" overall width Pro Boat radio and reciever
BRAND NEW Os Max 46 nitro motor upgrade
Very nice boat with alot of upgrades and parts there is many parts for both the boats everything in the pictures goes including the starter box and starter the blackjack sells for $800.00 plus without any upgrades.  There is well over $2800.00+ in all of this
I am only selling to fund another Rc project
Great fun and very fast Boats

Troy Ph# 541-554-8851 if no answer please leave a message and I will call you back


Brio 10 ARF (electric)
12-02-11 12-15-11


Decathlon ARF
by Seagull RC

67 3/4" wingspan
Started, Tail feathers hinged and attached to fuse.
Shipping would be a problem

Make offer

Contact Doug Devereaux at 1-541-999-1844

Contact Tom Snyder at 541-343-0004

October25_p1      October25_p2


Contact Tom Snyder at 541-343-0004

Just over 1 year ago our family lost our father who was a very experienced R/C flyer.  We are now in the process of selling off some of his collection of R/C planes.  I am asking if it would not be too much trouble if you could pass this information to the members of your perspective R/C Club, or if there is another way in which you know of for me to post this information, please do not hesitate to let me know.
Currently we have for sale a Yak 54 1/3 scale.  Our family loss, can be someone’s gain.  The sale of the plane is inclusive of the following:
Engine (3w 80xi )
Radio and all servos
Carry Case for wings
This plane has flown no more than 20 hours in total which is also the amount of time on the engine, as it was purchased for this aircraft and has not been in any other aircraft of my fathers.  All batteries are in great condition as it is maintained by my brother who was my father’s flying companion.  The plane itself is in Roseburg, OR.  This plane with all of the extras is priced to sell @ $2000.00 which is firm.
This plane can be shown by appointment only at which time the engine can be started, and if necessary, the plane itself can be fully assembled to show the working radio gear.
The manufacture's web site:
Pictures of the plane itself:
If needed additional specific photo’s can be added.
Interested parties, please contact:
Frank J. Salas
(678) 733-0447


For Sale:  Thinning my hangar….too many planes

E-flite Apprentice, nib, RTF            $200.00

Parkzone T-28    um*                    SOLD

Parkzone Sukhoi SU-26xp    um*        $  55.00

Etomic Ember 2  um*                    SOLD

Parkzone J-3 Cub  um*                $  50.00

Mosquito Mk VI um*                    SOLD

All the um planes fly very well, are in good to excellent condition.  Each includes at least 1 battery and charger.  Some have spare parts that were not needed.  All planes in original box.  The Etomic Ember 2 box is modified.

I will demo these planes to a serious buyer.

Don Hansen, 541-461-4552,
10-03-11  10-06-11

   Spectra1r   Spectra2r   Spectra3r   Spectra4r  

Great Planes Spectra power sailplane

This is a great beginning plane its what helped me to learn to fly RC..... It took 2 (I have a extra wing LOL)
Its a 2 meter sailplane I believe.  I can set it up with a rx and tx futaba 4. It uses a 6 cell Ni-Cad (not included).
Futaba standard servos 3004's.
I built the case. It will hold the plane, wings, TX, and extra batts. Case also doubles as a stand.

  $300.00 $250  W/RX & TX (chan 37)
  or   $250.00 $200  W/O RX & TX

Thanks For L@@K'IN

07-07-11 10-03-11

Super Tiger 3000


9-28-11  12-12-11


A family member passed away who was a RC airplane enthusiast. We are selling RC plane engines, etc. The following engines are all still in boxes and have never been used:

1) OS Max 46 FX $110.00, 2) OS Max 61 FX, $150.00, 3) OS Max 91 FX $200.00, 4) SAITO FA-80 $225.00, 5) SAITO FA-100 $280.00, 6) SAITO FA-120S $330.00, 7) SAITO FA 180 $390.00, 8) Magnum XL 52 RFS $135.00, 9) Magnum XL 61 RFS $170.00 - There are 2 of these, 10) Magnum XL 91 RFS $200,00.

There are also: 1) SAITO FA 180 out of a box and has a propeller attached - appears to have not been used $300.00, 2) SAITO FA 180 - minimally used $250.00, 3) OS Max 61 FX engine appears to have been minimally used and has a broken case $50.00, 2) Sullivan Dyna Tron Super Hi-Torque Starter $90.00 – never been used in original box, 3) KAVAN 12V Planetary Geared Starter $65.00 – never been used in original box.

Please feel free to make an offer. I do have a paypal account.

Thank you,

Janice Eiler
503-365-0835 (there is a message machine)

08-27-11_MDS1  08-27-11_MDS2

08-27-11_OS1  08-27-11_OS2
MDS .78  $25.00  Contact Craig
OS .60  $15.00  Contact Craig

Almost new
Nitro Model's Ultimate 40 Bi-Plane

$150.00 as posted or would be willing to let it go for $100.00 for the shell no servos or electronics.

This is the second Nitro Model's plane that I own. Good construction and great value for the money. Although the picture shows it, This plane WILL NOT come with the motor for either deal. For info sakes it is an OS 61 4 stroke. Here is what you will get. Airplane comes built with all servos included. Just add your Radio equipment and go. This plane has one 15 min flight on it. It had a bumpy landing and snapped the nylon gear bolts and punctured the lower wing with the wheel pant. all is repaired. This plane has upgraded hardware including a pull pull rudder set up, dual servo elevator with servo reverser. This plane flies well, is very responsive and very fast with this size engine. If I remember right all of the servos are new Hitec servos. The only one that may not be new is the throttle servo. This plane also comes with on/off switch and charging jack, fueling valve and Volt watch on board battery monitor. I am upgrading to larger aircraft is the only reason I am selling. The engine cowl has not been installed or cut yet. Other than a few covering repairs this plane looks good. I paid 125.00 + shipping for this new about a year ago. I have spent $75-100.00 or better above and beyond the price of the plane with the servo's, hardware and extras. Here is a chance to get a good deal with no assembly other than your radio and engine.

Any further questions you can call John Risbrough at 541-767-9883. I am FIRM on the price.


From the Dave Lawler collection  View PDF

If you are interested in any of the items and for additional details, please contact:
Dave Lawler    Email:    Phone: 541-388-5698
Bend Oregon

I have several electric powered airplanes, sailplanes, and a helicopter I would like to sell.  All are low time ( 1 to 3  hours) and look like new.

They are a Hyperion Yak54, Hyperion Spitfire, SIG Rascal 40, Fliton 30 F3A, Dragonfly Strong, Experience Pro 3.3 X-Tail (NIB with motor, prop, servos), Bingo, Fly-Q, a Bullet, and a T-Rex 500e.

If anyone in your club is interested in buying one or more of these, please ask him/her to contact me at  Photos are available.

Best Regards,  Ralph Blakemore AMA871024   Tehachapi, CA

From the hanger of Dave Noble: (541) 259-2872  (Lebanon, OR ?)
1. Paragon Glider 119" wingspan W/spoilers
2. Expo. Glider 100" wingspan W/ Fiberglass fuselage.
3. Zeus Glider 100" wingspan W/ silk covered poly-dihedral wing.
4. Hobby hawk Glider.  RTF
5. Hobby hawk Glider new in the box.
6. Ninja Glider RTF - needs receiver only.
7.Ninja Glider Kit. Foam wings. 58" wingspan. 500 wing area.
     32oz. total weight. Epplery 374 airfoil.
 8. A2 Victory Glider. Kit (Danish Design)
9. Starhawk. ARF. Low wing (Symmetrical) 40 size - 56" wingspan - Factory painted     (W/pinstripes.  High performance plane.
10. Bridie Kit. - 40-45 size 61" wingspan (516 sq. in.). 49" fuselage. Fun fly pattern design.
11. Sig Kougar Mk II Kit. 51" foam wing. 45.5 " fuselage. Fully aerobatic
 12.Carl Goldberg Tiger 60 Kit. 70" wingspan (855 sq. in.). 65 size (2-stroke) 80 size (4 stroke)
13. Great Planes PT-40 trainer Kit.
14. Great Planes Super Sportster Kit. 56" wingspan (550 sq. in.) 40-50 size.
15. Sig Super Sport Kit. Foam Wing. 15 size.
16. Great Planes P-47 Thundervolt
17. Cap 21 60 size.
18. Great Planes Lear Jet - frame needs covering.
Dave has been my flying partner of mine for over 10 years and is my mentor when it comes to model aircraft engines.  His trade was diesel engine mechanic for eighteen wheelers. He is getting along in years and is restricting is flying to trainer and slower aircraft.

If interested in any of the above give him a call. (541) 259-2872

Chuck Reinhart  (541) 596-7458    Email

Electrifly Power Series 4S Lipo: 2100mAh - 14.8.V. 20C.
Deans plug and universal balancing port.   Never used; ordered mistakenly by typing wrong SKU in online order.
Asking $20.
John Farkas (541)896-9239

Futaba FASST micro receivers


R616FFM  x2

By mistake I ordered two Futaba FASST micro receivers. They use the micro plugs and have a range less than regular field flying receivers. I am trying to find a buyer. These are R616FFM receivers, retailing at Tower for $59.99. I am asking $44 for one, price is $80 for both and I will pay postage

John Farkas     Email
See at   Tower Hobbies




Subject: Looking for vintage r/c radios, engines and tether cars for my collection

My name is Michael Diamond and I have been an active R/C flyer since 1969 (AMA 55859).  I am presently building a collection of vintage R/C radios, engines and tether cars and am writing to inquire if any of your club members may have any old radios or engines that they would like to sell 

I am looking for radios, engines, and tether cars from the 1940’s to 1980’s and will buy 1 item or an entire collection.

My contact information is as follows:

Michael Diamond,  2784 Great Smokey Court, Westlake Village, CA 91362  Tel: 805/496-7656

I would appreciate it if you would pass this request along to your club members or possibly post it in your club newsletter if that would be possible.  Thank you in advance for your assistance.  Sincerely,   Michael Diamond 

--- --- --- ---


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