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December 5 - Links to U-Tube videos by Pat Willis.

November 12, 2009 - Three movies spliced togather (a JimC experiment)

Doug flying Ole Yeller with new 55 engine!
Converted and compressed      a         b      
The three movies      1         2         3 

Pat can still fly!

Yes Doug the prop spins - at 10 mph plus


  Labor Day Limbo Flying with some crashes... and a spider
  Link to U-Tube video of  2009 Labor Day Fun Fly by Pat Willis

Link to U-Tube video of Pat Willis fly his 40% GILES at the 2009 Labor Day Fun Fly

September 3, 2009    From Pat Willis
Here's a video link you may find interesting, shot at our own ERCA field with yours truly at the controls.  The airplane is a 40% scale replica of a Giles 202.  The wingspan is 106", weight is about 27 lbs., engine is a 3W 85 cc purpose-built RC airplane engine that runs on gasoline.  -Pat

August 12, 2009 Len S video - Coyote Productions
Pat Willis flying his Giles

August 8, 2009  Gary Brewer Movies
Heli1.jpg Wflying

Crash2_08-08.jpg Heli2 Wlanding


August 7, 2009  Gary Brewer Movies
69 70

July 31, 2009

June 20, 2009   Oliver Flying with Pat, Saturday at the field.  
Chuck Jenkins Movie

May 22, 2009  AgWag Bipe dusting field near our flying site  
Chuck Jenkins Movie

Feb 17, 2009 Novice Video tests
DougD JimsStinger10
Doug McWha
flying Old Yeller
Feb 17, 2009
Video by Jim C
Doug Dev
Feb 17, 2009
Video by Jim C
Jim C
flying Stinger 10E
Feb 17, 2009
Video by Doug McWha

Pat's Showtime Video
Rich's Autogyro Kite Video Giant Ridere Video
Pat's Showtime
Video by Rich
March 6, 2007
Gyroraptor Autogyro Kite
Rich's Giant Rider Video

Rich's Amp Rider Video
Rich's Motor Glider WayneLanding JimLanding
Rich's Amp Rider Video Rich's Motor Glider Video
Wayne landing.
Video by Chuck J
Dec 2008
Jim landing.
Video by Chuck J
Dec 2008

I Think this should go on the club page?  Maybe temporarily?  I think people would enjoy it.
Jerry Johnston

This is NOT a local Club original,
but I agree with Jerry.

Misc videos  found by club members
   So you think you can fly?    Chuck Pilkenton  RC_SAucer  Link to  Flying Saucer   Rich Richardson