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Winter Flying Rules are in effect.
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Attention All Pilots:
During November, December,
January, February
Saturday, Sunday & Wednesday
NO FLYING before 12:00 Noon.
NO ARRIVING before 12:00 Noon.
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WINDSOCK replacment thoughts - WindsockArt_123



If you have been to the field after Oct 6th 2009 you saw a pylon pole standing near the electric / heli area of our field. (that is unless the wind has blown it over)  NOTE:: Oct 14 wind gusted to 20 MPH and blew over the Pylon pole, it was not damaged.

If there turns out to be a fair number of members interesting in this type of flying we could agree on different classes of aircraft to race.

To see if there is any interest in this type of an event,
may I suggest we try the following;  <>

<>The task: consists of an ROG (rise-off-ground) takeoff
(or, in the case of 1/2A or some electrics, a hand launch)
followed by left turns around a closed course, marked out by pylons, for a set number of laps and ending by crossing the start / finish line.

Pylons: The two pylon method, height shall be a maximum of 20 feet and a minimum of 15 feet. Positioning for the Carl Henson Field to be determined.

My suggestion is to place the pylon poles at the ends of an imaginary line parallel to the runway and the same length as the runway, 150’ out from the pilots stations.

Crew Needed - a starter, four (4) lap counters and two (2) cut judges (a minimum of seven (7) people) all located off the course.

Cut Judges are stationed in line with the pylons. They record cuts and relay them to the starter. Therefore, the responsibility for flying the proper distance lies solely with the pilot and his or her helper.

Each pilot will have a Helper (launcher / observer / caller). The helper needs to watch the Cut Judges and inform the pilot of a cut so that he will know to fly an additional lap. Also to watch for any aircraft that might become a midair candidate. There shall be no pilots' helpers at any of the pylons or near any judges. Two cuts in a heat disqualifies that pilot for that heat only.

Heat races: of two aircraft matched reasonably for size and power.

No more than four aircraft per heat are allowed.

Each heat race begins with the aircraft stationary at or behind the start / finish line and ends when the aircraft crosses the start / finish line after completing 10 laps   (or 11 laps for an aircraft that has cut once).

Laps shall be flown in a counterclockwise direction, with all turns to the left.

If you think you would particapate in something like this, please let me know. 
email  Jim Corbett


Lipoly bat packs   - Fire Danger Reminder -

See Rouge Eagles June 2009 Newsletter - Link :

See Page 6 of the Dusters newsletter.


DX6i owners are advised:  Our service center has a concern of potentially bad stick potentiometers, which can be identified with this easy process:
1.    Turn on your transmitter and select the servo monitor display.
2.    Smoothly move the sticks in each axis, carefully watching the commanded position on the monitor.
3.    The monitor should show smooth movement tracking with the input. If the monitor “jumps” or hesitates, please send your system in for service.
Radios with date codes of 809E, 81 OE, 811 E, and 81 2E should be carefully checked. If your radio does not have a date code, the test is still advisable. And please, as is common, check your controls before flight.
We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your patience.
Customers outside of the US and Canada should perform the test and then contact their local retailer or local Spektrum distributor. Distributors may be found at StoreLocator/Default.aspx?Tablnt. M4

NEW Half a wing   -   for an Easy Sport (40) ARF
It is  on the Bench at the Club Shack.
If you have a need for it, PLEASE take it HOME.
Enjoy - Chuck Jenkins.


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