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Alvadore Field Pics05-07

December 30
AtTheField_12-30-08 MattWrinkles ParkingPuddles WindFLip
Chuck and Doug Mat wrinkels Parking Puddles

December 5
AtTheField WinterFlyingRules
At the Field
New Winter Flying Rules

November 28
This mower has been purchased by the CLUB at a very good price.


1998_Wizard 1998_Wizard
Jeff Engel - The Club thanks you

November 21
NoSpect_Oct NoSpect WFR_b4 WinterFlyRul
Before Background painted
Before Winter Rules added

November 13
Big Bird restraint.system
BeforePosts PostIn1
Before Posts
Posts In

So easy a child could do it!
PostIn2 PostIn3 PostIn4 PostIn5
Posts In view 2 Grab post Lift it out 1, 2, 3.

Most likely an OLDER child will be using it.
PostTest1 PostTest2 PostTest3 PostTest4
Center post out
Wings snug to posts
Remove posts

November 1
Materials for making a Big Bird restraint.
BigBirdPost1 BigBirdPost2 HoleMaker1 HoleMaker2
Post parts and socket.
Assembled above ground.
Post Hole Maker.
It has teeth.

October 24
SwampMowed RunwayMowed MatWrinkling
Swamp Mowed
Runway Mowed
 Mat Wrinkling

October 13
PumpStored HoseHung SprinklersHung
Pump Stored for the winter
Hose Stored
 Sprinklers Stored

October 10
Wash Day - Club House and Mowers - Dust, Grass and Moss washed away.

October 6
FordReadyToFly Mower Deck DeckedOut
Deck serviced and painted

September 19
FreshGRavel FreshGRavel
Fresh Gravel on road
Fresh Gravel extended

September 4
StrawPile_03-16-07 StrawPile_09-04-08
Straw Pile March16, 2007
Straw Pile September 4, 2008

August 27 & 29
10 MPH 10 MPH 10 MPH
Driveway  speed sign.
Looking south.
 Sign leaving parking area

Club House Club House Club House
Club House Clean UP
View 2 View 3

Unknown date, most likely in 2007.  I am guessing they were taken by Roger?. 
The photos were found when cleaning up the club house. So I scanned them and posted them here.



Bowhan5 Bowhan3 Bowhan4

Bowhan9 Bowhan10 Bowhan7

July 30
Doug Rolling along!

June 13
MoreMat MoreMat Matcleaned Matcleaned
More mat
More mat

May 19 
Pump1 Pump2
Pump ready for the season.
Hooked to the well and tested.

May 15



10 MPH Repaired.
Thanks Marty!

LM spd
Last piece of mat laid down Sprinkler pipe damaged

March 21, 2008     Freshly Mowed
105 111 120
Looking East Looking West Looking North

March 6, 2008
Extended North Extended West Electric Runway Covered
Extended North
Extended West Electric Runway Covered

March 4, 2008
MatUnRoll Mat_LayOut Mat_NailDown LotsAmatInUse
Layed out
Nailing it down
In use!

February 29, 2008
Mat1 Mat1 Mat1 Mat1
Mat loaded
Unfurreling it
Layed out to measure
Rolled and covered

January 13, 2008
ParkingLotEast Ready to Go Pit Crew
Parking Lot East
Ready to go
Pit Crew

January 5, 2008
ParkingLotEast Mats and tables WindLiftedMatCorner
Parking Lot East
Mats and Tables
Wind lifted mat corner

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