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Saturday August 16
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AlChief Flame Bipe Sali Shade Smokin
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Sloum1 Spot1  Spot1
Sunday August 17th      
Crowd Planes Planes Planes Heli Heli
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Planes Planes Planes
Photos by Jim Corbet

PatLaunchi  PatInTheAir  PatSmokin

Photos by Gary Brewer

GiantR  GiantR  GiantR
Photos by Ral Williams

Fun Fly Report 2008
We had a few dozen pilots show up for both Saturday and Sunday this year and a handful of guests and potential new members each day as well.  The event was photographically documented by our webmaster/newsletter editor Jim Corbett, who promptly posted everything on the website.
We had 27 gift certificates from Eugene Toy and Hobby that we purchased at a discount and handed out about half of them.  We held contests for slalom taxiing around cones, (yours truly won that event on the second day after a miserable defeat the first day) spot landing, and a poker-type contest.  For the poker game, you used the cards that were distributed after flights - one card per flight or participation in one of the other events.  Some people went away with enough to pay for damages incurred during the contests, and one pilot crashed two aircraft the second day, (I won't name Marty as the pilot, because that would be rude) and we could not have given him enough gift certificates for that damage!  Bill Hollingsworth and I tried some combat on day 2.  My streamer separated during the flight and none of us were really sure whether it came apart on its own or if Bill got me.
Overall, it was a great success because everyone seemed to have a really good time despite the excessive heat on the first day and the crosswind from the south on the second day.  My gratitude to the members that helped make the event such a success: Doug McWha, Chuck Jenkins, Al Barrington, Mel Thompson, Jim Corbett, just to name a few, and my apologies if I left someone out who deserves a good ol' pat on the back for a job well-done.
Patrick Willis
ERCA President 2007-2008