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October 27 - Some Pat Willis Videos

4-year-old Oliver Willis practicing touch-and-go's:

33% Extra 260 Stirring up dust in a low hover:

33% Extra 260 snagging the limbo ribbon:

Ivan crashing the Fun 51:

Doug and his Disgraceful Disaster of an Airplane:

Craig Canaday responds to peer pressure:

August 26 - Video taken by Dwayne Graville with new airborne camera on small electric airplane

August 1
- Some Pat Willis Videos

Pat hovering super low:
Top Flite Cessna 310:

May 31 - Some Pat Willis Videos

Here are some more videos I've uploaded.  I hope that our members find them interesting.  I encourage you to at least watch the last couple minutes of the first one where I decide to do what the pros do and walk up to the Giles as it is a few feet off the ground above the runway.
This is me flying the old Giles 202 really low:
This one is Craig and Brent flying low, with one mishap where Craig gets a little too low:
Here is the flying lawnmower flown by Marty, and again it crashes a few times:
Comming SOON

This is for the pylon racers from their event on 5/8/10:
And, finally, Khoi's scale P-40 Warhawk:

May 3 - Some Pat Willis Videos

February 22, 2010 - Video by JimC