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August 28th at Eugene


August 21st at Bend

Marty provided photos
CIMG1391   CIMG1392
You just got to love racing!!!!
    Last heat , my 4th, lap 8, around pylon 1 and yep!!  here he came from above and you see the results!!
    Still fun stuff!!!!!!   Marty


DSCN2226cs  DSCN2227cs  DSCN2244cs



Report comming soon.

July 17th at Eugene

View Report

June 26th at Bend
BAM provided photo
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June 5th at Bend
Several ERCA Pylon Pilots Visit Bend
Wayne Wahrmund provided photos
IMG_0305c IMG_0308c
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Roger Winz photos
PICT0121c.jpg PICT0122c PICT0123c PICT0124c PICT0125c
PICT0127c PICT0128c PICT0129c PICT0130c PICT0131c

May 22th Demo
Benton County RC Club
(See Pylon Movies for the action)
Gary Brewer Video clips

GB_05-22-10_40 GB_05-22-10_44 GB_05-22-10_48

GB_05-22-10_49 GB_05-22-10_67 GB_05-22-10_71

May 22th practicing
Dwayne Graville photos
P1000476 P1000478 P1000479 P1000480
P1000488 P1000504 P1000539 P1000541
P1000543 P1000561 P1000584 P1000585

May 11th practicing
Doug McWha, Dwayne Graville and Jim Corbett photos
05-11-10_6 05-11-10_8 05-11-10_7
Tuesday pilots and aircraft
Wayne landing smoothly
All flew Tuesday

05-11-10_12 05-11-10_13 05-11-10_15 05-11-10_16
Wayne and Jim
Searching for the Pylons
Wayne approaching
Down wind and HOT!

May 8th practice session

P1000340_s.jpg P1000333 CIMG1329
Dwayne Graville, Marty Wittman and Jim Corbett photos
05-08-10_16 05-08-10_14 05-08-10_15


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