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  UpcomingClub 40 events  -   for 2012

BAM  BAM_Club40  Club 40 Pylon - 2012

Club 40 Pylon - Contact: Waldemar Frank

Club 40 Pylon has come to Bend Aero Modelers.  Club 40 is a good place to start with the fascinating sport of R/C pylon racing, limited airframe costs, engine costs, and all the excitement of wing tip to wing tip racing without breaking the bank.

All Registrations and briefings start at 9:00am

BAM 2012 Race Season: 

  •  April 14th:    Practice Race 
  •  May 19th:           1st Contest Race
  •  July 14th:            2nd Contest Race
  •  September 8th:   3rd Contest Race
  •  October 6th:       4th Contest Race
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ERCA ERCA_Club40c  Club 40 Pylon - 2012

Club 40 Pylon - Contact:   Wayne Wahrmund
It was suggested that we have an ALL ELECTRIC pylon race after one of our events!.. Lets go for it. An unlimited electric round -d- round..  any and all electrics.  If there is an interest then maybe someone will volunteer to head it up for future. I would like to have the first electric after our first Pylon Race..  So, think about it.  It could be a lot of fun and participation as well..

ERCA 2012 Race Season:


  Wayne Wahrmund
Rogue Eagles 2012 Pylon schedule

See the Events page for other events


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Club 40 pylon racing.   IT'S GUNA BE FUN !!!!!!

Wayne has his Club-40 ready

His comment "Flys well and is FAST"


I have been looking at different clubs and how they are doing the Club 40 pylon racing. Here is a good flyer,
we may use with modifacation to sute or clubs needs.  This has all the right stuff in it!!
http://www.tri-countybarnstormers.com/coming_events_files/Tricounty%20racing.pdf   Marty


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