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created  by Kevin Kelm

Membership Application - ERCA
Membership Application
Eugene RC Aeronauts
P.O. Box 26344
Eugene, OR 97402
  PDF Version    Text Version


Name ________________________________________________       (A Mug shot is needed for your
Membership card, a .jpg photo or allow us to take a digital photo or attach a print photo we can scan and return)

Address  _________________________________________                        

City        _________________________________________  Zip ___________________

Telephone   _______________________________________

Email   ___________________________________________      Newsletter via Email  ___

The Eugene RC Aeronauts is organized for the purpose of flying and promoting the hobby of radio
controlled model aircraft. We are registered with the State of Oregon as a Non Profit Corp.
We are a Chartered club (#530) of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) and require the
following information before a person is considered for membership:
1.   A current AMA membership number  ____________________________
2.   The initiation fee for persons 10 years of age through 16, who are admitted to the club, shall
       be $25.00.  The initiation fee for families and for persons 17 years of age or older, shall be
       $25.00,   plus a once-in-their-lifetime "Field Improvement Fee" of $75.00..
3.   Dues:   Renewing Members $60 per year. Active and drilling military free membership and
      initiation. New members ages 9 to 16 free, 17 or older see table:
Annual membership dues ($60) are pro-rated for NEW members based on which month your
application is submitted.
    January       $60            May           $40            September        $20
    February     $55            June           $35            October            $15
    March         $50            July            $30            November        $10
    April           $45            August        $25           December      no meeting
I hereby indicate my desire to become a member and uphold the Constitution and by-laws
and privileges of membership in the Eugene RC Aeronauts:

_____________________________________     __________________  under age 17___
Signature                                                                 Date
Contacts: Mickey Cohen, President  541-344-0164   Alan Barrington, Sec/Tres 541-935-4960

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