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Got an ORIGINAL of your flying?  Please pass it along.
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December 14
Check out this miniature airport. Don't miss take off and Landing at 14 minutes marked (it is 15 minutes video). This modeling at a whole different level.
Khoi Tran

October 5 - Len Stolfo video
Well here's a short clip of today's tricopter flight.  No so pretty, but it is different.  Need lots of practice on controls.


May 30
Passed along by former member Dave Upton 

March 9 - Len Stolfo video
From my x-Rotor Quad copter.  It's in HD quality, so you can select HD viewing on my web site.


Photo from the Upshotz Hi-Exposure plane.  Let me know if this works or not.  It should imbed photo and then link back to my ERCA gallery.


23, 2012 -  Pizza Meeting - Doug McWha cell phone videos
3g2 format    Video 1    Video 2    Video 3
wmv format    Video 1    Video 2    Video 3

January 27, 2012 -  Mike Winklepleck movie  

Joe Smith's Friday Noon Demo 2011