2023 Meeting  places, dates,  times

February 21  Abbys 7 pm. Tuesday
March 21  Abbys 7 pm. Tuesday
Summer meetings at the field. Saturdays at Noon

April 22 at the field. Saturday
May 20 at the field. Saturday
June 17 at the field. Saturday
July 15 at the field. Saturday
August 19 at the field. Saturday
September 16 at the field. Saturday
October 21 at the field. Saturday
November 21 Abbys 7 pm. Tuesday
Dec – NO Meeting

Meeting Minutes

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January 2023

No Meeting


February 2023

ERCA Minutes 02/21/2023
• Attendance: 16
Old Business:
• Martin read the treasurers report as detailed in the February newsletter.
• Currently 29 renewed members plus 4 club officers.
• 2 renewals received since 2/11.
• 5 renewals received at the meeting.
• Roger mentioned that the FAA letter of authorization expired, and he has contacted the Eugene Tower to see how we get it renewed.
• Sunday March 12th will be the dog training day at the airfield. No flying. NOTAM will be posted.
• Roger welcomed the new and returning members: Ken, Rod, and John.
• Jim brought updates on the field:
o The irrigation pump is now seven years old. Jim suggested we should be prepared to replace it (~$289).
o Jim would like some more volunteers to help put out and bring in the sprinklers.
o Mowers are nine years old. We’ve spent $249 on maintaining them over that time.
o The windsock at the east end of the field needs replacing. There are spares in the shed.
• The memorial bench has arrived and has been put together. It will be installed when the weather improves.

New Business:
• MonsterFest dates: August 11th through 13th
• Sam raised an issue with a bare spot on the south east end of the runway. Roger asked for a cone to be placed on it, then we can patch it.
• Meeting dates:
o At Abby’s: Tuesday March 21st
o At the field: April 15th, May 20th, June 17th, July 15th, August 19th, September 16th, October 21st
o Then back at Abby’s: November 20th
o No meeting in December.
• Sam brought the first of (probably) three winter builds to show off.
• Rick showed a full-scale plane component (nine-cylinder Pratt & Whiney crank shaft) that he wants to donate to the club for a decoration or similar use.
• Rick also showed some aluminum soft engine mounts, dampeners, an OS 60 mounted as an example and some other mounting items.


March 2023

ERCA Minutes 03/21/2023

  • Attendance: 11

Old Business:

  • Jim said the field has been mowed twice so far this year.
  • Roger has dug holes to secure the bench. We will pour concrete and get the bench installed this week (weather permitting). Please do not sit on the bench until it is confirmed that the concrete is set.

New Business:

  • Roger shared that Shaun Clark and his son gave a donation to the club for Roger’s help putting their plane together. We will give them a year’s club membership in return.
  • Roger suggested some sand to smooth the runway bumps out later in the spring. Jim said the clumps of grass don’t help and over-seeding/fertilizer may help.
  • Roger asked if Ken would be interested in becoming an instructor. Ken agreed and will look into what the process is with the AMA.
  • There is a dog training event at field April 15th. A NOTAM will be issued for this.
  • The next meeting will be moved to Saturday April 22nd at 1pm (BBQ at 12 noon) at the field.


April 2023


May 2023


July 2023


August 2023


September 2023


October 2023


November 2023


Dec—NO Meeting—

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