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Borders and Banner
created  by Kevin Kelm

Alvadore Field Pics 2012
Alvadore Field Pics 2013             Click on image to ENLARGE


Aug 16 - Prepping field for Monster Fest
08-16-13_f1 08-16-13_f2 08-16-13_f3

08-16-13_f4 08-16-13_f5 08-16-13_f6

Aug 15
08-15-13_f1 08-15-13_f2 08-15-13_f3

08-15-13_f4 08-15-13_f5 08-15-13_f6

Aug 13
08-13-13_f1 08-13-13_f2
How to use stuff
Sprinkerling East

Aug 12 - Dwayne Graville and Jim Corbett photos
DG_08-12-13_14 DG_08-12-13_12
Pick em up
Haul em off

08-12-13_f1 08-12-13_f2 08-12-13_f3 08-12-13_f4 08-12-13_f5

08-12-13_f6 08-12-13_f7 08-12-13_f8 08-12-13_f9 08-12-13_f10

Aug 11 - Field preped for Monster Fest
08-11-13_12 08-11-13_13 08-11-13_14 08-11-13_15

08-11-13_16 08-11-13_17 08-11-13_18 08-11-13_19

08-11-13_20 08-11-13_21 08-11-13_22

Aug 8
08-08-13_f1 08-08-13_f3 08-08-13_f4

08-08-13_f2 08-08-13_f6 08-08-13_f5

Aug 7
08-07-13_f1 08-07-13_f2
New East windsock
Needs some clean up

Aug 6 - Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos
DM_08-06-13_3 DM_08-06-13_4 08-06-13_f1 08-06-13_f2
Second set of Solar panels installed.                                       Portable posts ready for Monster Fest.

Aug 3 - Power station 2 online
08-03-13_f1 08-03-13_f2 08-03-13_f3

08-03-13_f4 08-03-13_f5 08-03-13_f6 08-03-13_f7

Aug 2
Headed to the repair barn

July 30
07-30-13_f2 07-30-13_f3 07-30-13_f4 07-30-13_f5

July 24
07-24-13_f1 07-24-13_f2

07-24-13_f3 07-24-13_f4 07-24-13_f5 07-24-13_f6
Sprinklers on west end
Last one here
Big Bird pads East watered
Big Bird pads Westwatered

July 22
07-22-13_f1 07-22-13_f4 07-22-13_f2 07-22-13_f3

July 18
07-18-13_f1 07-18-13_f2 07-18-13_f3
Mowed and watered
West end too

July 15
07-15-13_1 07-15-13_2
Field harvesting
Gas leak repair

July 12
07-12-13_f1 07-12-13_f2
Umbrella repair
Mowing DUO

July 9 - 4 umbrellas fire cart left out all night gate left open  - Doug McWha and Jim Corbett Photos
DM_07-09-13_1 DM_07-09-13_2 DM_07-09-13_5

07-09-13_f1 07-09-13_f8

July 5 - Two guys a mowing


July 2 - New restraints


June 30 - Doug and Donny set up new sprinkling system for Big Bird area - Doug McWha photos
DM_06-30-13_1 DM_06-30-13_2 DM_06-30-13_3

June 29 - New safety signs posted


June 27- Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos
DM_06-28-13_1 DM_06-28-13_2 DM_06-28-13_4

07-09-13_f4 07-09-13_f5 07-09-13_f6 07-09-13_f7

06-28-13_f1 06-28-13_f2 06-28-13_f3 06-28-13_f4

06-28-13_f5 06-28-13_f6 06-28-13_f7

06-28-13_f8 06-28-13_f9 06-28-13_f10 06-28-13_f11

June 27- Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos
DM_06-27-13_1 DM_06-27-13_2 DM_06-27-13_3

06-27-13_f1 06-27-13_f2 06-27-13_f3 06-27-13_f4

June 25
06-25-13_f1 06-25-13_f2 06-25-13_f3 06-25-13_f4

June 21
06-21-13_f1 06-21-13_f2 06-21-13_f3 06-21-13_f4

June 20
06-20-13_f1 06-20-13_f2 06-20-13_2

June 19 - Dry area watered - Lines on runway
06-19-13_f1 06-19-13_f4 06-19-13_f2 06-19-13_f3

June 18
06-18-13_f1 06-18-13_f2

June 17  - Doug McWha photo

June 12 - Some one left us a gift!

June 11
06-11-13_f1 06-11-13_f2 06-11-13_f3 06-11-13_f4

June 10- Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos
DM_06-10-13_1 DM_06-10-13_2 DM_06-10-13_3

DM_06-10-13_4 06-10-13_f1 06-10-13_f2

June 9
06-09-13_f1 06-09-13_f2

June 7
06-07-13_f1 06-07-13_f2

June 6 - Doug McWha, Al Barrington and Jim Corbett photos
DM_06-06-13_2 DM_06-06-13_3 DM_06-06-13_4 DM_06-06-13_5

AB_06-06-13_4 AB_06-06-13_5 AB_06-06-13_6 AB_06-06-13_7

06-06-13_f01 06-06-13_f02 06-06-13_f03 06-06-13_f04

06-06-13_f05 06-06-13_f06 06-06-13_f07 06-06-13_f08

06-06-13_f09 06-06-13_f10

June 5 - Tail holder for Big Bird pad under construction

June 4 - Concrete pour - Al Barrington and Jim Corbett photos
AB_06-04-13_1 AB_06-04-13_2 AB_06-04-13_3 AB_06-04-13_4

AB_06-04-13_6 AB_06-04-13_7 AB_06-04-13_8 AB_06-04-13_9

AB_06-04-13_10 AB_06-04-13_11 AB_06-04-13_12 AB_06-04-13_13

AB_06-04-13_15 AB_06-04-13_16 AB_06-04-13_1 AB_06-04-13_18

AB_06-04-13_20 AB_06-04-13_21 AB_06-04-13_22 AB_06-04-13_23

06-04-13_f1 06-04-13_f2

June 3 – Club house paint job and Big Bird pad work -
Doug McWha, Al Barrington, Jim Corbett and Bobbi Broich photos
DM_06-03-13_1 DM_06-03-13_2 DM_06-03-13_3 DM_06-03-13_5

DM_06-03-13_6 DM_06-03-13_7 AB_06-03-13_1 AB_06-03-13_3

AB_06-03-13_2 AB_06-03-13_4 AB_06-03-13_5 AB_06-03-13_6

06-03-13_f1 06-03-13_f2 06-03-13_f3 06-03-13_f4

06-03-13_f5 06-03-13_f6 06-03-13_f7 06-03-13_f8

06-03-13_f9 06-03-13_f10

BB_06-03-13_1 BB_06-03-13_2 BB_06-03-13_3

June 2
06-02-13_f1 06-02-13_f2 06-02-13_f7 06-02-13_f6

06-02-13_f8 06-02-13_f10 06-02-13_f9

06-02-13_f4 06-02-13_f5 06-02-13_f11 06-02-13_f12

May 31 - Doug McWha, Jim Corbett and Al Barrington photos
DM_05-31-13_1 DM_05-31-13_2 DM_05-31-13_4 DM_05-31-13_6

DM_05-31-13_7 DM_05-31-13_8 05-31-13_f1 05-31-13_f2

05-31-13_f3 05-31-13_f4 05-31-13_f5 05-31-13_f6

05-31-13_f7 05-31-13_f8 05-31-13_f9 05-31-13_4

AB_05-31-13_1 AB_05-31-13_2 AB_05-31-13_3 AB_05-31-13_4

AB_05-31-13_5 AB_05-31-13_6 AB_05-31-13_7 AB_05-31-13_8

AB_05-31-13_9 AB_05-31-13_10 AB_05-31-13_11 AB_05-31-13_12

AB_05-31-13_13 AB_05-31-13_14 AB_05-31-13_15 AB_05-31-13_16

May 28 - Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos
DM_05-28-13_1 DM_05-28-13_5 DM_05-28-13_3 DM_05-28-13_4

05-28-13_f1 05-28-13_f2 05-28-13_f3 05-28-13_f4

05-28-13_f5 05-28-13_f6 05-28-13_f7 05-28-13_f8

05-28-13_f9 05-28-13_f10 05-28-13_f11 05-28-13_f12

May 25
05-25-13_f1 /05-25-13_f2

May 24 -  Doug McWha photos
DM_05-24-13_1 DM_05-24-13_3

May 20
05-20-13_f1 /05-20-13_f2

May 15
05-15-13_f1 05-15-13_f2 05-15-13_f3 05-15-13_f4
Flex conduit between tables
Window to see bat voltage
Calking and tape
to help keep bees out

May 14 - Gate progress
05-14-13_f1 05-14-13_f2

May 10 - crawling sprinkler

May 9 - Gate installation started, fence straightened.
05-09-13_f1 05-09-13_f2 05-09-13_f3

May 8 - Bleacher painting finished. - Donny Krenz did a great job!
05-01-13_f1 05-08-13_f2

May 7 - Club house power washed, second Solar panel frame installed, two bleachers painted.
05-07-13_f2 05-07-13_f1
Solar panel frame going up, runway fertilized and watered - Doug McWha photos
DM_05-07-13_2 DM_05-07-13_1

May 3 - Solar panels back on club house
05-03-13_f1 05-03-13_f2

April 30
04-30-13_f1 04-30-13_f2 04-30-13_f3 04-30-13_f4

April 27 - Work Day! - Mike W info and photos

Great showing of guys! But of course we missed a lot of you as well.

MW_04-27-13_photo29 MW_04-27-13_photo30 MW_04-27-13_photo31 MW_04-27-13_photo32

    We sanding the tables and benches that we did not replace and fixed some of the boards.
    Removed all of the t-tables and used some of the boards from them to fix the tables that needed it.
    Pulled up the old mats that were for the GS Planes
    Took everything out of the club house shop vac’d the inside and pulled up the carpet that will be replaced with vinyl
    Spread of the gravel and leveled it
    Rearranged the tables per Brad’s blue prints that were approved at last meeting.
    Mowed the lawn and east infield
    Replaced the Carl Henson Field sign posts
    Made a new 12 foot table that will be used for food and prizes at events and can be used as an all purposed table during the week
    Pressure Washed the following:
        Port a Potty,        Club House,        Some of the tables,        BBQ (gross it needed it bad!),        Coolers
    Removed the aluminum gear holders from the benches

All in all it was a great day that started off with donuts, thanks to our President with Burgers and Hot Dogs that soon followed cooked from your favorite chef and mine Al!  All of the club members should be proud of the great groups of guys that we have as am I.  Great job guys you always step up to make you club awesome.  Thanks everyone.
April 25
04-25-13_f1 04-25-13_f2 04-25-13_f6

04-25-13_f3 04-25-13_f4 04-25-13_f5
Solar panels removed until club house cleaned and painted.

April 11
04-12-13_f1 04-12-13_f2
Frank mowing
Doug mowing

April 11
04-11-13_f1 04-11-13_f2
Sign missing nothing!
Spare sign installed.

April 8
04-08-13_1 04-08-13_2 04-08-13_4

04-08-13_5 04-08-13_6 04-08-13_7

April 5
04-05-13_f1 04-05-13_f2
The last bleacher. They need painting!

April 2
04-02-13_1 04-02-13_f1
To be sunny soon!
Another bleacher

March 29 - Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos
DM_03-29-13_1 DM_03-29-13_f4

03-29-13_f1 03-29-13_3
Another Big Bird Station
It's a start!

March 27
03-27-13_2 03-27-13_3
Mower returned
Come on folks - fill it!

March 18 - new field tables delivered and assembled - Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos
03-18-13_f1 DM_03-18-13_1 DM_03-18-13_2 DM_03-18-13_4

03-18-13_f2 03-18-13_f3 03-18-13_f4 03-18-13_f6

These OLD tables need a home..

March 11
03-11-13_f3 03-11-13_f4 03-11-13_f2 03-11-13_f6

March  10 -   Dwayne Graville photos
DG_03-10-13_f1 DG_03-10-13_f2

March 7
03-07-13_f1 03-07-13_f2 03-07-13_f3 03-07-13_f4

March 4
03-04-13_f1 03-04-13_f5 03-04-13_f2 03-04-13_f3 03-04-13_f4

03-04-13_f8 03-04-13_f6 03-04-13_f7 03-04-13_f9

February 28 -  Mickey Cohen photos
2013-02-28 15.14.44 2013-02-28 15.15.02

February 26
02-26-13_f1 02-26-13_f2 02-26-13_f3 02-26-13_f4

February 19 -  Doug McWha photos
DM_02-19-13_1 DM_02-19-13_3

February 11 - Dwayne Graville, Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos
DG_02-11-13_5 DM_02-11-13_4 DM_02-11-13_5



February 4
02-04-13_f1 02-04-13_f3 02-04-13_f2

February 3
02-03-13_f1 02-03-13_f5 02-03-13_f5 02-03-13_f11

02-03-13_f2 02-03-13_f3 02-03-13_f8 02-03-13_f9 02-03-13_f10

02-03-13_f7 02-03-13_f13 02-03-13_f14 02-03-13_f15 02-03-13_f14

02-03-13_f17 02-03-13_f16 02-03-13_f2 02-03-13_f18 02-03-13_f19

January 6, 2013 - Doug McWha photos

DM_01-06-13_3 DM_01-06-13_2