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The picture page was getting a bit large, so I saved the first half of 2009 to this page.
From the Archives

June 23 - Meeting - Chuck Jenkins photos
100_0775 100_0774 100_0777 100_0772 100_0771
100_0776 100_0778 100_0773 100_0779 100_0781
100_0782 100_0783 100_0784 100_0785 100_0786

Jeff Engel photos
06-23-09_11s 06-23-09_12 06-23-09_13

06-23-09_14 06-23-09_15 06-23-09_16
Doug's Cell phone pics
SSPX0127 SSPX0128 SSPX0129

June 23 - before meeting
06-23-09_2 06-23-09_3

06-23-09_5 06-23-09_6 06-23-09_4

June 22 -  Doug's Cell phone pics

June 17 - Jeff Engel photo
Jeff checks out his Big Bird

June 16
06-16-09_2 06-16-09_3

June 15 -  Doug's Cell phone pics

June 14 - Jeff Engel photos
Jcfield002 Jcfield003 Jcfield005

Jeff Engel's Frenzy -  Gary Moorehead photos
Frenzy1 Frenzy3 Frenzy4
FrenzyLowPass FrenzyLanding
June 12
06-12-09_1 06-12-09_2 06-12-09_6

06-12-09_3 06-12-09_4 06-12-09_5

June 10
06-02-09_06 06-02-09_03 06-02-09_02
Ken's plane waiting
Ken landing
One Rascal Two Rascals

06-02-09_04 06-02-09_05 06-02-09_07 06-02-09_08
Mel's approach
Almost down
Waiting for it's turn
Happy with new motor

June 9 -  Doug's Cell phone pics
SSPX0113 SSPX0114 SSPX0115

June 7  - Pat's Extra makes it to the field -  Doug's Cell phone pics
SSPX0110 SSPX0111 SSPX0112

Oliver's new airplane -  Pat WIllis pics
06-07-09_SNC00104 06-07-09_SNC00105 06-07-09_SNC00106

June 2
06-02-09_2 06-02-09_3 06-02-09_4
Doug's Raptor
Wayne's Cherokee
Intro session
Both look better from afar

May 29
05-29-09_2 05-29-09_3 05-29-09_4

05-29-09_5 05-29-09_6 05-29-09_7 05-29-09_8

May 29  -  Jeff Engel photos
IMG_1798 IMG_1799 IMG_1800

May 26
05-26-09_1 05-26-09_2 05-26-09_3
Waiting for the wind
Being neglected
Wayne's Cherokee
Tune up time

05-26-09_4 05-26-09_5 05-26-09_6
Ol Yeller still flys

May 25   Jeff Engel photos
MemorialDayWarriors3 Dougey_upside_down_5-25-09 Rightside_up_5-25-09

May 22  -  Chuck Jenkins photos
100_0760 100_0761 100_0762
Spray to the North
Line up
Spray to the South

May 22  -  Doug's Cell phone pics
SSPX0102 SSPX0103 SSPX0104
Duster comming around
Spraying to the North
Spraying to the South

May 18  -  Doug's Cell phone pics
SSPX0093 SSPX0095 SSPX0096
The crowd
Heli in the air
The other crowd

May 18
05-18-09_2 05-18-09_3 05-18-09_4
Wayne's is ready
Ken is ready
What is wrong here?
Waiting its turn

05-18-09_6 05-18-09_7 05-18-09_8 05-18-09_9
Ready for maiden
Taxi out
Take off roll
up UP and away

05-18-09_10 05-18-09_11 05-18-09_12 05-18-09_13
Looking good
Delayne picturing it
Landing approach
On the runway
05-18-09_14 05-18-09_15 05-18-09_5 05-18-09_16
Second flight
Ready to land
Airplane UGLY
They found the shade

May 16   Jeff Engel photos
melandhisstik5-16-09 5-16-09_2 5-16-09_3

5-16-09_4 5-16-09_6 5-16-09_8

May 15   Flight line photos
05-15-09_FlightLine_1 05-15-09_FlightLine_2 05-15-09_FlightLine_3

05-15-09_FlightLine_4 05-15-09_FlightLine_5 05-15-09_FlightLine_6

May 9 - Rich Richardson Photos
DSC03874 DSC03875 DSC03876 DSC03878

DSC03884 DSC03885 DSC03892 DSC03900 DSC03905

April 21
Doug cleaning up
Ready to launch
Flying low
Wayne & plane resting

April 21 - Rich Richardson Photos
DSC03796 DSC03801 DSC03825

April 20
04-19-09_ChuckO 04-19-09_ChuckO2 04-19-09_ChuckO3
Inspect it
Set the DT
Walk and lanuch

04-19-09_MikeLostWheelHub 04-19-09_PatternShip 04-19-09_WayneRunningUp
Mike lost a wheel hub
Fine flying pattern machine
Wayne running UP

April 19  -  Doug's Cell phone pics
SSPX0074 SSPX0080 SSPX0077
The crowd
Ag-Wag ready
Maiden flight

April 19  -  Gary Morehead Photos
04-19-09_Marty%20Before%20the%20fligh 04-19-09_Preflight%20complete
Marty Before the flight
After Preflight

04-19-09_Off%20the%20ground 04-19-09_Coming%20around
Off the ground
Comming around

04-15-09_1/041909_Ready%20to%20spray%20the%20first%20field 041909_Success
Ready to spray the field

041909_The%20twin%20takes%20to%20the%20air 041909_OK,%20I%20see%20the%20runway%20now
The twin takes to the air
OK, I see the runway now

041909_Cuttin%20the%20grass_s.jpg 041909_Whats%20burning%20out%20ther 041909_IMG_2768_M
Cuttin the grass
Whats burning out there
Leed the shadow

041909_IMG_2774_M 041909_IMG_2803_M 041909_IMG_2781_M
Up, Left - OK
If it goes whacko, SCREAM
Cool, not damaged

041909_IMG_2784_M 041909_IMG_2793_M 041909_IMG_2777_M
Left sorta
Lower next pass

April 15
04-15-09_1 04-15-09_2 04-15-09_0
Yellow- must be Doug's
Waiting for the WIND

04-15-09_5 04-15-09_4 04-15-09_7
Ready for maiden flight Active Exahust tubes
Looks nice

04-15-09_9 04-15-09_3 04-15-09_8
Fueled and ready Landed unscathed!
Older one still flys

April 6
04-06-09_1 04-06-09_2 04-06-09_3 04-06-09_5
04-06-09_10 04-06-09_4 04-06-09_9 04-06-09_8
04-06-09_11 04-06-09_12 04-06-09_6 04-06-09_7

April 4    -  Chuck Jenkins Photos
100_0714 100_0715
Mike's New
April 4  -  Doug's Cell phone pics
SSPX0063 SSPX0064 SSPX0066

March 27
Pictures/Pics2009/03-27-09_Pic1 Pictures/Pics2009/03-27-09_Pic2 Pictures/Pics2009/03-27-09_Pic3
Charging and chatting
Waiting for bat to charge

Pictures/Pics2009/03-27-09_Pic4 Pictures/Pics2009/03-27-09_Pic5 Pictures/Pics2009/03-27-09_Pic6
Talkin Electric

March 26 - Dougs Cell phone pics
03-26-09_Doug1 03-26-09_Doug2 03-26-09_Doug3

March 22 - Jeff Engel pics of Oakridge Airfield
OakridgeField_2 OakridgeField_5 OakridgeField_6

March 13
oldyel WayneNew WayneChe
Doug Old Yeller
Waynes New plane
Waynes Cherokee

Chuck Jenkins Photos
MartysYak1 MartysYak2 WaynesPulse1 WaynesPulse2
Marty's New Sukhoi Marty's New Sukhoi Waynes New Pulse Waynes New Pulse

March 6
03-06-09_1 03-06-09_2 03-06-09_3
Doug making wind
Corsair waiting
Ducted Fan Electric

03-06-09_4 03-06-09_5 03-06-09_6
Frank's fueld and ready
Two electrics waiting

03-06-09_7 03-06-09_8 03-06-09_1
Electric Cub
Electric Edge
Doug still making wind

Jeff Engel's pics
JeffE_1 JeffE_2 JeffE_3 JeffE_4

Doug's Cell phone pics
DougCP_1 DougCP_2 DougCP_3

DougCP_5 DougCP_6 DougCP_7

February 20
DougsDualAce DualAceFlys DualAceReturns
Doug's Dual Ace
Dual Ace Flys Dual Ace Returns

KadetReady RichIsReady SpeedyReady
Kadet Ready
Rich is Ready
Speedy Returns

UcanDoReady UcanDoLandingApproach CleanUpTime
U-CAN-DO waiting
U-CAN-DO landing approach
Clean up time

NotReady MartyReady GregsBipe
Not Quite Ready
Marty is ready to go
Greg's Bipe

TinyTime TinyReturn DualAceRead
Chucks Tiny little thing
Tiny Returns
Doug is Ready to go again

GregsAccord GregsAccord GregsAccord
Greg's Accord
Short takeoff
Greg's Accord in the air

February 17
DougD_1 DougD_1 DougD_1 DougD_1
Doug Devereaux's E
On its maiden flight
Just about down
Smilling pilot

AtTheField_01-30-0 WayneCherokee
At the field - light wind, mixed sky
Doug McWha lands again

February 4
02-04-09_1 02-04-09_2 02-04-09_3
Doug's Pair
Waiting for a wing
Proping it

02-04-09_4 02-04-09_5 02-04-09_6
Me too
Here it comes

02-04-09_7 WaynesCherokee 3FingerDoug
There it goes!
Waynes Cherokee
3 (cut) Finger Doug

January 30
AtTheField_01-30-0 WayneCherokee
At the field - light wind, blue sky
Wayne and his Cherokee

January 20
AtTheField 01-20-09_DougDRunU 01-20-09_WayneWingingIt
Cold and clear
DougD running up
Wayne winging it

January 15
01-15-09_Twist 01-15-09_Stimger10
Doug's Twist
Jim's Stinger10

January 12, 2009
AtTheField 01-12-09_1 01-12-09_2
Pair of electrics
Electric Ducted Fan
Needed more tape today

01-12-09_3 01-12-09_4 01-12-09_5
Still lookin and flying good
Good move Pat!
It still flys well

01-12-09_6 01-12-09_7 01-12-09_8
Pair of electrics Originals
Good flight, good landing!
Well behavin Twist

Rich Richardson Photos
01-12-09r_1 01-12-09r_2 01-12-09r_3

January 9, 2009
Pair of electrics Get Em Ready Seting the throttle throw
Pair of electrics
Get Em Ready
Frank triming throttle

Khoi Starting the bipe Waiting for it's turn Old Yeller passing by
Khoi Starting the bipe
Waiting for it's turn
Old Yeller passing by

The wind uncovered it We covered it back up A Doug and Mike show
The wind uncovered it
We covered it back up
A Doug and Mike show

December 30, 2008
AtTheField_12-30-08 YellerProblems PairOfStingers
Yeller Problems
Pair of Stingers


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