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2016 Meeting places, Dates  Time is 7:00 pm.

Abby’s Pizza Parlor on River Road:
JJanuary 19      Tue  –  *NH
February 23      Tue  –
March 22      Tue  –  *NH
April 26      Tue  –  *NH
May 24      Tue  –  *NH
At the flying field
June 28      Tue  –
July 26     Tue  –
August 23      Tue  –
September 27      Tue  –   *NH
October 25      Tue  –   *NH
November 22      Tue  –
December  –  No meeting

*NH – means NO HOST,
you buy your own pizza and drinks

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Meeting Minutes


January 2016

ERCA January 19, 2015 Meeting Minutes


February 2016


March 2016


April 2016

Meeting Minutes By Jeff Lutz

April 26th, 2016 Meeting
The meeting of the ERCA was called to order at 7:10 PM by President Roger Dahl.
Jeff Lutz read the minutes from the March meeting and they were accepted.
Jeff Lutz presented the treasurer’s report and it was accepted.
Jim Corbett reported the new well is currently pumping 10 gpm, using 6 sprinklers for the test.

Motion was passed to purchase a new pump for testing the well.
Workday for field maintenance is scheduled for May7th.
Memorial day fun fly is scheduled on May 30th. Food will be served by Kiwanis. A $10 landing fee was discussed that would include lunch. Several contests for the fun fly were discussed.
The meeting was adjourned at 7:56.


May 2016


June 2016

Secretary’s Report – Dave Fenner
The June 28th meeting was called to order at 7:05 p.m. There were 19 memebers present. The minutes from the May meeting were read by

Dave and approved. Jeff then read the Treasurer’s report and it was approved.
Under Old Business, Roger reported that the Memorial Day Fly-In was “reasonably successful” with 24 pilots signing up. Mickey stated

that it was the best-attended Memorial Day event in the 10 years that he has attended.
Feedback from the Kiwanis Club for the Memorial Day event was that the club broke even, but that the vegetarian menu was basically a

It was reported that Frank, Mickey and Roger built 7 new tables, and 2 new trenches were built on the southwest end of the field for drainage.
Warren donated a kit for a new trainer, and Frank built it. Roger provided an engine for the trainer, then crash landed it, and stated that the flux capacitor failed. It is being repaired.
Jim reported that the initial testing of the above-ground sprinkler system revealed that it would cover the field during a south wind, but that with the usual north wind, coverage was poor. Jim will continue testing and report results at the next meeting.
Roger announced a plan to put quarter-inch crushed rock down on the North-South runway as a base for the Geotech covering.
Under New Business, the August 13th flying event this year will focus on bringing in warbirds. The plan is to reach out to other clubs to promote participation. Awards for the event were discussed. Suggestions included having Best-In-Show plaques for both WWI and WWII categories.
It was announced that there would be an Open Field for the 4th of July, but no big event plans.
Al announced that his Kiwanis Club will have a motorcycle show on August 21st with proceeds to go to Doernbecher Childrens Hospital.
Jeff volunteered to provide a P-51 to use with a buddy box at the event, which will be held at Domaine Meriwether Winery,
At the end of the meeting, new member John Schaad was introduced.
The meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


July 2016


August 2016

ERCA Minutes for the August 2016 Meeting: The August 23rd
Meeting at the field was called to order by Roger at 7:00 p.m.  There were 21 members present.
The July minutes were read and approved.  Jeff read the Treasurer’s Report, and indicated that the club has a month – ending balance of $6,073.07.  The report was approved.

Under Old Business, it was reported that 16 pilots registered for the Warbird Fly – In, and that many more club members participated in flying than at the Monster Fest last year.
Al reported that the Kiwanis Club cleared $96 at the Warbird event.
Feedback for the event was that it would be a good idea to start earlier to get flyers out in time to better advertise our events.
In other Old News, the new Geotech surface didn’t shrink properly at the last work party, so a new work party will gather in 2 days to rework the edge of the surface to tighten it down.  Also, the new waterline is generally working well on the southeast edge of the field, but one sprinkler head needs to be replaced.  Funds were approved for Jim C. to purchase and install the new sprinkler head.

Under New Business, it was announced that in order to keep the club’s Gold status, a charity donation needs to be made soon.  A motion was approved to donate $200 to the Fern Ridge Kiwanis Club.
Members were reminded of the Labor Day Fly – In.  Jeff volunteered to develop a flyer to advertise the event.  Members also agreed that the event should be free to participants.  The Kiwanis will not be available to provide food for the event.  Jeff stated that he would provide hotdogs and burgers.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.


September 2016

ERCA minutes from the Sept. 27th, 2016 meeting…

The meeting was called to order at 7:15 p.m.  The Treasurer’s report was read by Jeff and approved.  Mickey read the minutes from the August meeting.  They were approved.

Roger reported that the fertilizer and sand were put down on the field.

Under Old Business:

Jim thanked the watering crew for their efforts this year.  Jim listed the field improvements that have been completed this year.

Roger thanked Don Shiltz for bringing and using his tractor to load the sand for spreading on the field.

Under New Business:

The club needs to purchase a new fertilizer spreader.  A motion was made and approved to purchase a new one.  It was also announced that we need to eliminate people from parking on the Geotex runway.

Jim is looking into a cellular weather station.

Under Show and Tell, Frank Blain brought his kit built Senior Kadet.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.



October 2016

ERCA Minutes For the Oct. 25th Meeting:

The meeting began at 7:10 p.m. at the River Road Abby’s Pizza location.  The September meeting minutes were read by Dave and approved.  Jeff read the Treasurer’s report, which was also approved.  Jeff announced that septic service at the field would be cancelled for the year.

Under Old Business…

Jim announced that yellow rope has been placed around the Geotex runway to prevent anyone from accidentally parking on the surface.  He also mentioned that the sheep fence situated at the south end of the Geotex runway has been taken down.

In other Old Business, it was announced that the French drain appears to be working well; that no action has been taken yet on a new fertilizer spreader and probably won’t be until spring; and that we are in the “still checking” mode on a cellular weather station.

Under New Business:

Officer Nominations – all current ERCA officers, with the exception of the safety officer, were re-nominated.  Dwayne G. was nominated as Safety Officer.  All nominated officers were unanimously approved.

It was announced that indoor flying at Willamalane will start on November 2nd.

There was a discussion about making the flying field location easier to identify on the ERCA website by adding addresses and making the location directions more prominent on the website.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:36 p.m.


November 2016


ERCA Minutes for the Nov. 22, 2016 Meeting:

The meeting began at 7:15 p.m. at the River Rd. Abby’s Pizza location.  The October minutes were read and approved, and the Treasurer’s report was also read and approved.

Five-year Leader Club patches were handed out to all in attendance.

Under Old Business…

-Indoor flying started at Willamalane as of October 12th.  Admission is $3.

-It was announced that the ERCA address has been repositioned on our website.

-Sprinklers have been set aside and tied up for the winter, and the water hose has also been disconnected until next spring.

Under New Business…

-Club members were reminded not to drive onto the field during the winter – the ground is too wet.

-President Roger elicited member discussion about event planning for next year.  Items discussed included how many events to have, and at what level.  It was discussed to hold 1 or 2 big events to draw participants from outside the state, as well as more informal, local-participant events.

-Brad and Casey said they are willing to do the planning for a Monster Fest event, but would need the help of several volunteers.

-It was proposed that Don Schultz be given a year’s free membership for his willingness to loan his tractor (and his labor) for sanding the field this fall.  The motion to approve passed unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.  Next meeting will be held in January.




Dec—NO Meeting—

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