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NO FLYING Sunday March 12th

Dog club event Sunday March 12th.

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During November, December, January and February/span>
On Wednesday, Saturday and Sundays no flying is allowed prior to NOON.

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Sanding Party
Saturday September 24 8 AM
NO flying until the runway sanding has been completed.


Saturday September 10

NO FLY before 10 AM.

Duck hunters will be using field.



March 13 – Dog Trials

July 30 – NO FLY after 2 pm – Class Reunion at Mikes

From the AMA Government Relations blog

Advocacy Updates with UAS Registration

Jan 11, 2016

As you know, we have been working with our legal counsel and the FAA to find a solution for our members on the registration rule. To date, FAA has agreed in principle to several proposed initiatives that will help ease this process for our members. Specifically, they are:

AMA and the FAA are working to streamline the registration process for AMA members whereby those who register with the FAA will be able to use their AMA number as the primary identification on their model aircraft, as opposed to adding a new federal registration number.

In addition, AMA members’ federal registration will automatically renew provided membership remains active and current. We are working with FAA in negotiating the renewal fee, but in any case it is envisioned the renewal process will be provided as a member benefit.

In the future, federal registration will automatically be accomplished upon joining the AMA, eliminating the need to register with both AMA and the FAA.

These initiatives are a step in the right direction. However, we want to emphasize that this is not the end of our efforts to protect AMA members from this overreaching regulation. We are continuing to explore all legal and political options available, but these conversations may take time and a definitive solution is unlikely before the February 19 registration deadline.

Currently, registration is free of charge until January 19. If you would like to take advantage of this free period, you may want to register before that day. But please note that you have until February 19 to register in order to avoid violating the federal rule.

We also want to encourage our members to submit comments to the FAA about the registration rule. It is critical that all AMA members are heard loud and clear on this issue. The deadline for submitting comments is Friday, January 15. Additional instruction is available here.

Thank you for your patience as we work to find the best path forward on registration. We are committed to doing everything possible to protect our hobby and ensure that future generations have the opportunity to fly.


Dec 15, 2015


The FAA has announced a registration process for hobbyists who fly RC aircraft. I STRONGLY suggest that EVERYBODY read the FAQ page they have (link at the end) and demonstrate that we modelers are responsible pilots by registering as soon as possible after the website opens on December 21, 2015.

Here are relevant highlights:
1. Registration is free for the first 30 days. You pay 5 bucks online via credit card and they refund it.
2. You only register YOURSELF, get a number and put it somewhere on each of your aircraft.

A. You will receive a unique registration number that applies to any and all UAS that you own. You must mark all of your UAS with the unique registration number before operating. A registration certificate that contains the unique FAA registration number, the issue and expiration dates, and the name of the certificate holder will be sent to your email address immediately.
B. You will receive a unique registration number, not an N-number, and you must mark the registration number on your UAS by some means that is legible and allows the number to be readily seen. The registration number may be placed in a battery compartment as long as it can be accessed without the use of tools.
C. You may use any method to affix the number, such as permanent marker, label, engraving, or other means, as long as the number is readily accessible and maintained in a condition that is readable and legible upon close visual inspection. If your unmanned aircraft has an easily accessible battery compartment you may affix the number in that compartment.

3. You can continue to operate your RC aircraft as we have done for decades (


Dec 17, 2015

Dear AMA Members,

Yesterday, the AMA Executive Council unanimously approved an action plan to relieve and further protect our members from unnecessary and burdensome regulations. This plan addresses the recently announced interim rule requiring federal registration of all model aircraft and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) weighing between 0.55 and 55 pounds.

AMA has long used a similar registration system with our members, which we pointed out during the task force deliberations and in private conversations with the FAA. As you are aware, AMA’s safety program instructs all members to place his or her AMA number or name and address on or within their model aircraft, effectively accomplishing the safety and accountability objectives of the interim rule. AMA has also argued that the new registration rule runs counter to Congress’ intent in Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, otherwise known as the “Special Rule for Model Aircraft.”

The Council is considering all legal and political remedies to address this issue. We believe that resolution to the unnecessary federal registration rule for our members rests with AMA’s petition before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. This petition, filed in August 2014, asks the court to review the FAA’s interpretation of the “Special Rule for Model Aircraft.” The central issue is whether the FAA has the authority to expand the definition of aircraft to include model aircraft; thus, allowing the agency to establish new standards and operating criteria to which model aircraft operators have never been subject to in the past.

In promulgating its interim rule for registration earlier this week, the FAA repeatedly stated that model aircraft are aircraft, despite the fact that litigation is pending on this very question. The Council believes the FAA’s reliance on its interpretation of Section 336 for legal authority to compel our members to register warrants the Court’s immediate attention to AMA’s petition.

While we continue to believe that registration makes sense at some threshold and for flyers operating outside of a community-based organization or flying for commercial purposes, we also strongly believe our members are not the problem and should not have to bear the burden of additional regulations.  Safety has been the cornerstone of our organization for 80 years and AMA’s members strive to be a part of the solution.

As we proceed with this process, we suggest AMA members hold off on registering their model aircraft with the FAA until advised by the AMA or until February 19, the FAA’s legal deadline for registering existing model aircraft.

Holding off on registration will allow AMA time to fully consider all possible options. On a parallel track, it also allows AMA to complete ongoing conversations with the FAA about how best to streamline the registration process for our members.

In the near future, we will also be asking our members to make their voices heard by submitting comments to the FAA’s interim rule on registration. We will follow-up soon with more detailed information on how to do this.

Thank you for your continued support of AMA. We will provide you with more updates as they become available.

Kind regards,

The AMA Executive Council

Bob Brown, AMA President
Gary Fitch, AMA Executive Vice President
Andy Argenio, AMA Vice President, District I
Eric Williams, AMA Vice President, District II
Mark Radcliff, AMA Vice President, District III
Jay Marsh, AMA Vice President, District IV
Kris Dixon, AMA Vice President, District V
Randy Cameron, AMA Vice President, District VI
Tim Jesky, AMA Vice President, District VII
Mark Johnston, AMA Vice President, District VIII
Jim Tiller, AMA Vice President, District IX
Lawrence Tougas, AMA Vice President, District X
Chuck Bower, AMA Vice President, District XI



Oct 9, 2015

ERCA’s field will be CLOSED to flying  Friday Oct 9

A FAA NOTAM/TFR has been issued for area surrounding Eugene and Roseburg, OR for Friday, 10/9 from 11:00a until 3:00p PDT. The TFR is issued for security purposes to cover VIP movement in this area. Outdoor radio control model aircraft operations are prohibited within the 30nm circles for the specific times listed below. Control Line and Free Flight modelers should use discretion when operating within the TFR. Please note that TFRs are subject to change with very short notice. Check back often for the most current NOTAM/TFR information. Timely alerts are also available on the web or on your cell phone at:

See the link to the TFR below for more detailed information regarding the restrictions:

Map View of the Affected Area

View the TFR in Google Earth
(Open the KML file or download and open in Google Earth)

  • Area 1 (10/9, 11:00a – 12:15p PDT)
    (30nm radius from Latitude: 44º07’05″N, Longitude: 123º12’07″W)
  • Area 2 (10/9, 11:00a – 12:15p PDT)
    (10nm radius from Latitude: 44º07’05″N, Longitude: 123º12’07″W)
  • Area 3 (10/9, 11:45a – 2:30p PDT)
    (30nm radius from Latitude: 43º14’04″N, Longitude: 123º21’03″W)
  • Area 4 (10/9, 11:45a – 2:30p PDT)
    (10nm radius from Latitude: 43º14’04″N, Longitude: 123º21’03″W)
  • Area 5 (10/9, 2:15p – 3:15p PDT)
    (30nm radius from Latitude: 44º07’05″N, Longitude: 123º12’07″W)
  • Area 6 (10/9, 2:15p – 3:15p PDT)
    (10nm radius from Latitude: 44º07’05″N, Longitude: 123º12’07″W)

TFR – 5/2899



ERCA’s field will be CLOSED Sunday morning (May 17) to put sand on the runway.
Dog trials are Sunday, March 15

ERCA’s field will be CLOSED Sunday, March 15



In case of an


Call 911

ERCA Flying Field
Is at
92560 Alvadore Rd
Junction City, OR  97448

Lat  44°10’44.90″N
Lon  123°15’53.87″W

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: “Shirron, John” <>
To: “‘'” <>
Sent: Thursday, October 16, 2014 8:35 AM
Subject: Jason’s Stolen Trailer

Can you send this out please

From Jason Webberley

This morning my trailer was stolen from my driveway completely loaded with airplanes and equipment for the upcoming CCRCS swap meet. The locks were cut off and it was hauled off while my wife and family were home. I will post pictures of some items later because I’m at work. Please keep your ears and eyes open. Monitor Craigslist as well. My trailer is a 10 foot Wells Cargo trailers, silver with crome trim and alloy wheels. It has an aerodynamic fairing in the front. Thanks everyone. More later.