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Mar 23 – Sig Morrisey Bravo 1/4 scale – Warren Edwards photos
Feb 2 – Mel Graham – Extra 300 finished
Jan 24 – Mel Graham
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Warren Edwards project  Jan 7, 2017


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Thought I would share a new project; not very high tech.
mg_sport-60-_01-04-17_1 mg_sport-60-_01-04-17_2
I ordered this little plane (60″) to try out the new DuBro skis.

This time of the year the field is so wet/swampy that I thought that maybe the skis would enable a few flights off of the very wet grass.
I have seen a few videos of guys flying off of the g o tech so maybe the wet grass will work well also.
I ordered a Rimfire motor and castle esc for power. Have a couple of G-Force lipos (2  4S 4000) go juice. Hope it does not turn into a dumb idea.  I enjoy the little Phoenix Dolphin a lot and this about same size so if skis are bust it will still be fun with those round things we call wheels.