Meetings 2022

2022 Meeting  places, dates,  times

February 15  Abbys 7 pm
March 15  Abbys 7 pm   April 16 at the field.
May 21 at the field.
June 18 at the field.
July 16 at the field.
August 20 at the field.
September 17 at the field.
October 15 at the field.
November 19 ?
Dec – NO Meeting Summer meetings at the field. Noon

Meeting Minutes

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January 2022

No Meeting


February 2022

February meeting.
The club will provide pizza and soft drinks prior to our meeting on Tuesday, the 15th of Feb. so bring your
We will shoot for hot pizza at 6:30pm, with the meeting at 7:00pm.
If you have a project that you would like to show us, be sure to bring it!


March 2022

Our club meeting will be Tuesday evening, March 15, 7:00 pm at Abbys Pizza. Hope to see you all there!


April 2022

April meeting minutes


May 2022


July 2022

August 2022


September 2022


October 2022


November 2022

Dec—NO Meeting—

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