Projects 2013

Projects 2013 
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July 26 – Don Watson

stipa_1.jpg stipa_2.jpg stipa_2008_edited.jpg stipa_2012.jpg

My name is Don Watson I have not been active in the club for approximately 5 years. However I have some photos I would like to post on your webpage. I will send you a couple of pictures with this e-mail to see what you think. I would like to bring this plane to your event in the middle of August set it up as a static display because it is not finished yet so other people could take a look at. It is approximately a 22% scale of a real airplane that was built in about 1934. I am covering the exterior at this point so the internal structure will be covered I hope.  Don

February 27, 2013 –  Mickey Cohen

New Field Table
MC_02-27-13_1 MC_02-27-13_1 MC_02-27-13_3 MC_02-27-13_4
Cedar top, treated wood frame and legs.  Removable wing holder and a hole for a wish-bone tail holder.
A front porch for your starter box- fuel- battery and a shelf that can go on either side to hold you STUFF.
It will be at the field for your testing after it gets a protective sealer applied.
UPDATE 2-28 – See   Alvadore Field Pics

February 26, 2013 –  Jim Corbett

Bleachers for spectator seating

Wood Bleachers   –  Wood donated by Wayne W, hardware by Jim C
Eight foot long, two seats  –  2x12s and 2x4s and 2x2s
Needs someone to donate some PAINT and someone to paint it.

February 17, 2013 –  Marty Wittman

MW_02-17-13_1 MW_02-17-13_2

As all of you now, I usually have a project on the boards and I do, but we had a bad house fire in August 2012 so that Cessna 310 will have to wait. And yes, as of February 11 2013 they have started the repair!!! Hopefully we will be back home in June!!!

So I can’t do the big Cessna 310.  So what know? (I get boarded easily). Went down to the flying field and saw and met a guy  Len Stolfo (Upshotz photography) flying a QUADROATER.  Got talking to him about them and one thing let into another. You know when your board and can’t get to your big project and need something to do !!  Will I found a lot to do. Len sent me some links to look at that had different frame setups and motors and ESC and, KK2 Controller boards, and ,and, etc.…  Well, being a motor head and never doing electric before didn’t take long until the confusion set in. What are they talking about?   (Now I have to learn a foreign language)  .  Well ok.. Ordered the frame, motors and ESC and KK2 Controller. Nothing to do but wait?  Hmmm..  How do I make it work after I get the parts?  HHmmmm.    OKAYYY Off to Google..

I spent every day for two weeks looking at YouTube and how-to videos on setting up a Quad and the KK2 controller and programming Esc and started building a folder with this stuff in it for reference when my parts arrive !!?? By this time I could tell you any and all you needed to know about this stuff!!!!   But, the parts to make it all work??  There is not a complete kit you can order. So after three different orders and may weeks of waiting I finally got my Quad in the air !!!  It’s so much fun!!!!!

I am now in the process of upgrading my Controller Board so I can have GPS on it. That will allow me to do altitude and heading hold by a switch and another nice thing is , it will let me via a switch have the QUAD RETURN TO HOME with failsafe or switch. So if you lose orientation flip the switch and your baby will come home to where it started..  I love technology!!  I will also have a Bluetooth device hookup so if you have to or if you want to change board setting you can do that via your phone.
If anyone is interested in building a Quad. I have a completed list of your need!!  Let me know !!