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Chick Foster
 Dec 2014
– Introducing the 468 –  Marty Wittman & David Brown
468_1 468_2
It’s a quad, it’s a Y6, it’s an X8… It’s the 468….  QuadMD proudly presents the 468, a revolutionary new frame that can be what you want it to be. It’s a copyrighted single frame concept that can be configured as a quad, Y6 or X8. Constructed of rugged composite this frame is extremely light yet extremely rigid. Its modular construction makes it easy to construct as well as to repair. This frame has been a long time coming.
First off it had to have a decent wheelbase, for me that meant 600 mm or larger. The 468 comes in at roughly 638 mm which is a good size for larger motors and larger props while not getting too large to make transport unwieldy. Now yes we could of made a folding frame but those have really been done to death and really truly I don’t trust a folding arm not to fold at the most inopportune time.
While Marty and I both fly a lot of quads we also fly hexes and I have really been chomping at the bit to jump into an octocopter. So I saw the chance to cover 3 unique airframes in one shot. It can be built as a traditional quad with a decent wheelbase and good space on the deck for all kinds of equipment. At the same time you can put 4 motors underneath and you have an X8, a unique octocopter that offers extreme stability in a smaller package. But I wasn’t done there, I looked at the deck and saw that I had enough room to put another set of slots so that if you wanted to you could remove the back arms and put one directly out the back and have a Y6, a very unique hex configuration that is extremely stable as well.Everything on this frame was designed around lifting a camera gimbal. Now that doesn’t mean that it can’t lift other things but its primary goal was to fly a camera. So I design the landing gear to be lightweight yet extremely rigid fairly tall at about 8 inches and wide at 10 inches to provide plenty of room for just about any camera gimbal. With dual side mounted battery plates you can also carry enough power to get the job done.
We’ve gone through phase 1 and 2 testing. Phase 1 included flying on 28 mm motors with 10 inch props and phase 2 Incorporated 50 mm motors and 14 inch props. We tested all 3 configurations and are pleased to announce that in both phases it flew absolutely perfect.
We’re now working on getting a supplier to supply us with parts so we can start producing kits.
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