Labor Day Fun Fly 2013



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Labor Day FUN FLY

Date: September 2nd, 2013

The following are some changes for the upcoming Labor Day Fly In on Monday September 2nd.
Our club has had a very busy flying season this year with several events including the Monster Fest last weekendand have completed many projects to improve our field. We have had good turnout from volunteers who jumped rightin to support the club.
In celebration of of a successful year and the un official end of summer the Labor Day Fun Fly will be an unstructured gathering of family and friends from our club and guests from neighboring clubs. There will not be any pilot fees, nor any prizes. Just a fun day for all.
The club will sponsor the burgers and dogs however we ask that you please bring something to share, chips, salads, cookies, cake, etc.
Just a good old picnic and camaraderie. Depending on desires of the pilots we could do limbo’s, spot landings, etc just for fun.
We look forward to some great flying weather and your attendance.
Hope to see you there.

Mickey Cohen
Eugene Radio Control Aeronauts