Field Pictures 2016

Field Pictures 2016

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Dec 22

12-22-16_f112-22-16_f212-22-16_f8 12-22-16_f512-22-16_f3 12-22-16_f412-22-16_f7 12-22-16_f612-22-16_f1112-22-16_f9

Nov 28 -Dwayne Graville photo


Nov 9

11-09-16_f1 11-09-16_f2

Nov 8 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett


Nov 4 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett

dm_11-04-16_f3 dm_11-04-16_f2 dm_11-04-16_f1 dm_11-04-16_f4

11-04-16_f1 11-04-16_f2

Nov 3

11-03-16_f2 11-03-16_f1

Nov 1 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

dm_11-01-16_f2 11-01-16_f3

Oct 31

10-31-16_f1 10-31-16_f2

Oct 28

10-28-16_f3 10-28-16_f2 10-28-16_f1 10-28-16_f4

Oct 21

10-21-16_f2 10-21-16_f1 10-21-16_f3

Oct 19 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

dm_10-19-16_f1 dm_10-19-16_f2

10-19-16_f9 10-19-16_f8 10-19-16_f7 10-19-16_f610-19-16_f5 10-19-16_f4 10-19-16_f3 10-19-16_f210-19-16_f1 10-19-16_f10

Oct 12


Oct 11

10-11-16_f1 10-11-16_f2

Oct 6

10-06-16_f2 10-06-16_f1

Sep 28


Sep 24 – Sanding Party – RD, DS, JL, DF, AW, WE, JC


Sep 21


Sep 19

09-19-16_f109-19-16_f209-19-16_f3 09-19-16_f4

Sep 14


Sep 7

09-07-16_f1 09-07-16_f2

Sep 3

09-03-16_f1 09-03-16_f2

Sep 1

09-01-16_f1 09-01-16_f2

Aug 30

08-30-16_f2 08-30-16_f1 08-30-16_f408-30-16_f3

Aug 25 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

DM_08-25-16_8 DM_08-25-16_7 DM_08-25-16_6 DM_08-25-16_5 DM_08-25-16_4 DM_08-25-16_3 DM_08-25-16_2 DM_08-25-16_108-25-16_f4 08-25-16_f3 08-25-16_f2 08-25-16_f108-25-16_f8 08-25-16_f508-25-16_f608-25-16_f7

Aug 23 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

08-23-16_f1 08-23-16_f2DM_08-23-16_f1

Aug 22

08-22-16_f3 08-22-16_f2 08-22-16_f1 08-22-16_f4

Aug 19 –  Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

08-19-16_f4 08-19-16_f3 08-19-16_f2 08-19-16_f1 DM_08-19-16_f1

Aug 18

08-18-16_f2 08-18-16_f108-18-16_f3 08-18-16_f4

Aug 16 – Work Party –  Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

DM_08-16=16_1DM_08-16=16_4 DM_08-16=16_3 DM_08-16=16_2 08-16-16_f408-16-16_f1 08-16-16_f2DM_08-16=16_6 DM_08-16=16_5 08-16-16_f78 08-16-16_f10 08-16-16_f308-16-16_f78 08-16-16_f10 08-16-16_f9 08-16-16_f6 08-16-16_f508-16-16_f1108-16-16_f12 08-16-16_f14

Aug 15

08-15-16_f7 08-15-16_f6 08-15-16_f5 08-15-16_f4 08-15-16_f3 08-15-16_f2 08-15-16_f1 08-15-16_f8

Aug 12

08-12-16_f1 08-12-16_f2

Aug 11


Aug 9

08-09-16_f308-09-16_f408-09-16_f108-09-16_f208-09-16_f5 08-09-16_f6

Aug 6


Aug 5 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

DM_08-05-16_f4 DM_08-05-16_f1 08-05-16_f3 08-05-16_f2 08-05-16_f1

Aug 4

08-04-16_f1 08-04-16_f2

July 12

07-12-16_f1 07-12-16_f2 07-12-16_f4 07-12-16_f307-12-16_f5 07-12-16_f6

July 11


July 7


July 6


July 4

07-04-16_f2 07-04-16_f1

July 1

07-01-16_f107-01-16_f207-01-16_f3 07-01-16_f4

June 30

06-30-16_f5 06-30-16_f4 06-30-16_f3 06-30-16_f2 06-30-16_f1 06-30-16_f6

June 29

06-29-16_f106-29-16_f3 06-29-16_f2 06-29-16_f4

June 27


June 23

06-23-16_f1 06-23-16_f2

June 22


June 21


June 20

06-20-16_f1 06-20-16_f2

June 19

06-19-16_f2 06-19-16_f306-19-16_f1

June 16


June 15

06-15-16_f1 06-15-16_f2

June 10


June 6

06-06-16_f1 06-06-16_f2

June 2


June 1

06-01-16_f2 06-01-16_f106-01-16_f4 06-01-16_f306-01-16_f6 06-01-16_f5

May 27 – Doug McWha photos


May 24

05-24-16_f1 05-24-16_f3

May 16


May 13 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

DM_05-13-16_f1 DM_05-13-16_f205-13-16_f2 05-13-16_f1

May 12

05-12-16_f3 05-12-16_f205-12-16_f105-12-16_f4 05-12-16_f5

May 9 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

DM_05-09-16_1 DM_05-09-16_6

05-09-16_f1 05-09-16_f2

May 7 – Work Party

05-07-16_f6 05-07-16_f5 05-07-16_f4 05-07-16_f3 05-07-16_f2 05-07-16_f105-07-16_f805-07-16_f9

May 6

05-06-16_f14 05-06-16_f13 05-06-16_f12 05-06-16_f11 05-06-16_f10 05-06-16_f9 05-06-16_f8 05-06-16_f7 05-06-16_f6 05-06-16_f5 05-06-16_f4 05-06-16_f3 05-06-16_f2 05-06-16_f1 05-06-16_f15

May 5

05-05-16_f5 05-05-16_f605-05-16_f1 05-05-16_f205-05-16_f4 05-05-16_f305-05-16_f8 05-03-16_f5

May 3

05-03-16_f105-03-16_f205-03-16_f305-03-16_f5 05-03-16_f4 05-03-16_f6

May 2

05-02-16_f2 05-02-16_f1

Apr 29

04-29-16_f1 04-29-16_f2

Apr 28 – New pump almost ready


Apr 26 – Replaced OLD East windsock with NEW – thanks Dwayne

04-26-16_f1 04-26-16_f2

Apr 25

04-25-16_f2 04-25-16_f304-25-16_f1

Apr 22


04-22-16_f104-22-16_f204-22-16_f6 04-22-16_f5 04-22-16_f4 04-22-16_f304-22-16_f16 04-22-16_f1504-22-16_f14 04-22-16_f13 04-22-16_f12 04-22-16_f1104-22-16_f10

Apr 19

04-19-16_f3 04-19-16_f2 04-19-16_f1

Apr 18

04-18-16_f1 04-18-16_f2

Apr 15

04-15-16_f1 04-15-16_f2

Apr 11

04-11-16_f4 04-11-16_f3 04-11-16_f2 04-11-16_f1 04-11-16_f5

Apr 5

04-05-16_f3 04-05-16_f2 04-05-16_f1 04-05-16_f4

Apr 1

04-01-16_f2 04-01-16_f3

Mar 31

03-31-16_f3 03-31-16_f2 03-31-16_f1 03-31-16_f4

Mar 28

03-28-16_f3 03-28-16_f2 03-28-16_f1 03-28-16_f4

Mar 18

03-18-16_f1 03-18-16_f2

Mar 2

03-02-16_f1 03-02-16_f2

Feb 29

02-29-16_f1 02-29-16_f2

Feb 25


Feb 22

02-22-16_f5 02-22-16_f4 02-22-16_f3 02-22-16_f2 02-22-16_f1 02-22-16_f6

Feb 16

02-16-16_f1 02-16-16_f2

Feb 15

02-15-16_f3 02-15-16_f2 02-15-16_f1 02-15-16_f4

Feb 10 – Doug McWha and Jim Corbett photos

DM_02-10-16_3 DM_02-10-16_2 DM_02-10-16_4DM_02-10-16_1

02-10-16_f2 02-10-16_f1 02-10-16_f3

Feb 9

02-09-16_f1 02-09-16_f2

Feb 5

02-05-16_f102-05-16_f202-05-16_f302-05-16_f402-05-16_f6 02-05-16_f502-05-16_f8 02-05-16_f7

Jan 28

01-28-16_f1 01-28-16_f2

Jan 27

01-27-16_f201-27-16_f301-27-16_f401-27-16_f701-27-16_f6 01-27-16_f5

Jan 22

01-23-16_f2 01-23-16_f101-23-16_f4 01-23-16_f301-23-16_f5 01-23-16_f6

Jan 21

01-21-16_f1 01-21-16_f2

Jan 18

01-18-16_f3 01-18-16_f2 01-18-16_f1 01-18-16_f4

Jan 15

01-15-16_f2 01-15-16_f301-15-16_f1

Jan 8

01-08-16_f1 01-08-16_f2 01-08-16_3

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